Physical Vibration – Are You Connecting With God or Blocking God ?

— If you have ever been in a meditation class or followed the guidance of a meditation facilitator you will remember that almost always the session begins by asking you to focus on your breathing. Bonnie the co-founder of Manifest Mastermind University leads some amazing meditation sessions. You can test the first course for free. Be sure you are on our email list here and receive every new message. Just register on this page to the right of this article.

Deep breaths in and out calm us. They actually do much more than that. For many months I have worked with Zna Trainer and her oxygenation program and I am about to begin that again as that is some of the best physical training I have ever experienced for overall health and wellness. Contact me if you want more information or simply connect with her on Facebook.

Focused deep breathing changes our vibration in a very positive way. Abraham’s message today is another reminder to bring ourselves in alignment with the frequency of God. Allow God within to create all that you dream and desire. Focused deep breathing in connection with becoming still takes us to a place of being above to feel the Truth of God. When we do an pay attention we are in a position of knowing the next steps for us to experience the physical journey we are visualizing.

Abraham’s Message Today:

Breathe and ReleaseThrough our daily process of focusing upon your breathing, you will progressively breathe your resistance away, causing a gradual shift in your Vibrational point of attraction. And then, you will begin to feel a strong resonance with the words that we have been speaking to you. When that occurs, the Vibration of your physical body and that of the Source within you will be at the same Vibrational frequency; and when that occurs, your physical body will benefit.

In the same way that a complete understanding of electricity is unnecessary in order to flip the switch and receive the benefit of it, you do not need to understand the complex inner workings of your physical body. You only need to understand the simple process by which you allow your intelligent cells to do their work.

As you find and practice resonance with the Vibration of the Source within you, communication between the cells of your body flourishes, as does your entire physical body. And it all begins with the simple focusing upon your breathing to flip the switch” of absolute physical well-being.


Excerpted from the workshop: Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide on November 01, 2010
Our Love,
Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

Steve Pohlit
Founder: Manifest Mastermind