Conversations With God – Prayer Suggested by Neale Donald Walsch in The Book “The Only Thing That Matters”

My first thought when I read Chapter 30 in book The Only Thing That Matters by Neale Donald Walsch was “I wish I could publish this whole chapter”. Of course I cannot because it is not my book. Then I realized that my appreciation for this chapter is a result of my work understanding all the previous chapters. So I wondered if I should publish any of it.

The answer is I a publishing several tools from Chapter 30 because I need them and I feel you will begin to see the power of these tools. At the same time I give this book “The Only Thing That Matters” my highest rating and recommendation. You may know that I love Amazon Kindle and you can order the book by clicking this link:

The Moment of Any Negative Event or Thought:

Thank you God for this opportunity to heal my thought or change my old story about or release my fears around

Morning Prayer:

Thank you God for another day and another chance to be my Highest Self (you really need to read the book to understand this fully)

The Solution Prayer

Thank you God for the understanding this problem has already been solved for me.

The Perfection Prayer

Thank you God for the perfection of this outcome, this moment, this life. (This is another one where you will need to spend some time with the book to fully appreciate.)

Thank you Neale


In essence, expanding our messages to ourselves in thoughts and words about experiencing what is important to us with confidence is how those are manifest or brought into the physical experience. How do we remove doubt, fear and more negative emotions about those things important to us? First step is to know God will guide us toward our intended outcome if we stop blocking that power. Next is to understand the outcome we are imagining may be delivered at a different time and form than we imagine. Remember God has no watch and delivers what is best for us.

Sending you an unconditional love hug

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