How To Prosper Doing What We Are Here To Do

Neale Donald WalschThis is from Neale Donald Walsch and his email messages “I believe God wants you to know.
On this day of your life
Steve, I believe God wants you to know…
…that vocations which we wanted to pursue, but didn’t,
bleed, like colors, on the whole of our existence.
Honore De Balzac said that, and he was right.
Do not let one more day go by without honoring
the vocation your soul calls you to pursue.
And don’t pretend you don’t know what it is. Of course you do.
You can feel it in your stomach whenever you think about it;
whenever you see another person doing it.
Life is so very short. Do now what you yearn to do
in your life. You do not have to “quit your day job”
in order to do this. You may do so if you choose to,
but you do not have to. Many people advance
a vocation while holding down their “regular job.”
You can, too. Then ease into your vocation
and turn it into your “regular job.”
But you must give energy to your vocation
starting today. I mean, today.
For me these messages from me are always perfect timing. Today I received this as I was questioning how I am spending my time. This was instant confirmation that sharing the information about the FDA approved medical device I represent is absolutely the right path. I felt it was but as I encounter resistance by people paying attention to the incredible health benefits both physical and mental I began to have doubts. My confidence is restored and I know I am intended to be persistent.
Sending you blessings of strength, protection, peace, prosperity, love
Steve Pohlit
Founder Manifest Mastermind
Independent BEMER Distributor 

Life and Death Lesson From My Mom

Birth is the first breath of our journey home.  We are intended to experience the fullest extent of life. That intent comes from God who experiences life through us. Our power comes from God and we create our lives using that power. Without God we would not be and without us nothing would exist in the physical plane.

Mom was part of the physical energy that  gave birth to four children after become the wife of her husband and being married to him now for nearly 63 years.  Throughout her life she remained a loyal sister. Her life’s purpose was clear to her and she lived it. She was first and foremost a mom and wife and she lived her life with God.

Thinking about the more recent handful of years when her body began to weaken, there was no time she evidenced any fear of her body dying.  So she lived with gusto. Everything she did was to help her family and others. No matter how little we had, she always found something to give.

How wonderful it is to know that you have lived your life to its fullest and peacefully decided it is time to go home to God. The morning before her transition, she insisted to have her hair done. That is something that had not been of interest to her for quite some time. She wanted to look her best.

My mom  has given up her body to rejoin our Spiritual source. She knows we are not our body and we are not our mind. Those of us who grew up with her have many experiences where we could say “well God cannot possibly be at the source of what she is doing or saying!” But you see that is human judgement. God just laughs at the whole idea of of judgement. Humans created that.

God is unconditional love and God is always part of every part of us. So we don’t return to God we simply release the physical form that creates the physical experiences.

We on earth have an opportunity to grow in our understanding of death from this experience with her. We have the opportunity to be joyful or not.  Can we be joyful and still experience the loss of this woman…the passing of all the experiences with her wisdom. Yes we can be joyful know she is in bliss while we have tears streaming down our face as we are saddened by what once was.

Our job is to be unconditional love and send that message energetically to all.  Tough assignment for us humans. My mom demonstrated this all the time.  If you paused to examine what was going on with her even at her most passionate moments of anger,  you would find an amazing loving heart with only the best of intentions.

When she had nothing she baked for others. When she was tired and weary she sang for herself for us whether we wanted to hear it or not and she sang in the choir. After a full week of hard work she always had the energy to go dancing with my dad or go on a trip to the casinos with a very defined limit as to how much she was prepared to invest in that fun. Most of the time she came back with more than she took.


Click Here for an amazing presentation by my brother David Pohlit that shocked all at the funeral


My mom could sing “praise God” in the morning and be more than direct with her words for people who she felt were crossing her, her family or the community.

With all that she did, with all that she said and didn’t say she, demonstrated life with God.

A lot of who I am is because of her love, guidance, example and work to help me. She was an anchor for all of us when my father and I were in a very serious car accident when I was very young. There was no health insurance and little money. Family and community came together and that system worked. Our country would be well served to return to those principles of taking care of each other.

I am blessed she is my mother.  I miss her physical vitality and I rejoice where she is now.

On October 20, 2011 Helen Pohlit would have celebrated her 63 wedding anniversary.  She lived 84 years and the world is a better place because of her.

As I think about my life with my mom and especially some very economic challenging times when I was growing up, I realized that somehow she knew that if lemonaide was going to be created out of lemons, someone was going to have to step up be responsible and squeeze the lemons.  Mom was a woman of action and love. Our world would be less arduous to navigate with most of us taking more responsibility for the outcome of our lives  and living each day taking focused action with a posture of unconditional love for others.  I love her especially for all the   lessons.

Mom I am not quite ready but there will  be a day when we will be dancing again. Meantime watch over us and help us remember

When you are no longer afraid to die then you are not afraid of anything and you can truly live.

Mom – this is not goodbye …oh no not at all. You are still very much with us and always will be.

I Love You Mom!

Sending you and all an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

PS Click Here for an amazing presentation by my brother David Pohlit that shocked all at the funeral

Manifest Power Tool: Purpose

My purpose is to serve.  This means I develop all my talents to their full potential and use those talents for the benefit of others.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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