Wayne Dyer and Peace

The following was posted on Facebook by Wayne and is awesome. I particularly loved creating the container with the candle. What do you think?

Lesson on Peace
Lesson on Peace
Peace isn’t something you ultimately receive when you slow down the pace of your life. Peace is what you’re capable of being and bringing to every encounter and event in the waking moments of your life. Being peaceful is an inner attitude that you can enjoy when you’ve learned to silence your incessant inner dialogue. Being peaceful isn’t dependent on what your surroundings look like. It seldom has anything to do with what the people around you think, say, or do. A noiseless environment isn’t a requirement.

St. Francis’s famous prayer states it better than I can: “Make me an instrument of your peace.” In other words, St. Francis wasn’t asking God to provide him with peace. He was asking for guidance to be more like the peace he trusted was his Source. Being peace is different from looking for peace.

This principle isn’t about merely choosing tranquil thoughts when you’re feeling frayed and anxious. I suggest picturing a container deep within yourself out of which all your thoughts flow. Inside of this container, at its very center, imagine a candle flame. You need to make a commitment that this flame in the center of the container holding all your thoughts will never, ever even flicker, although the very worst may go before you. This is your container of peace, and only peaceful thoughts can fuel the burning candle. You don’t need to change your thoughts as much as you need to learn to be an energy of peace lighting the way and attracting serene, harmonious thoughts and beings. In this way, you’ll become a being of peace.

As a being of peace, you make a huge impact on those around you. It’s almost impossible to be totally stressed out in the presence of someone who has opted to be peace. Peace is a higher and faster energy—when you’re being peace, just your presence alone will often nullify the uneasiness and tension in those around you. The secret of this principle is: Be the peace and harmony you desire. You cannot get it from anything or anyone else.
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Steve Pohlit, Founder

Turning Anger Into Laughter

Founder Manifest Mastermind, International Business, Real Estate and Life Coach

At an outdoor venue with a band playing that my daughter really liked we were looking for a place to sit. We sat down at a table that appeared to having nobody sitting at it. Shortly a man came to me very angry and told me to leave as it was his table for him and his friends. I said no problem and said we would as soon as they arrived. He then proceeded to order me to leave right then with some very direct aggressive language. He also physically threatened me if I didn’t listen to him.

In an instant all my non spiritual experiences from the past emerged. In the same instant I recognized this could get real ugly fast. In the same instant I focused on Oneness and a peaceful outcome. I simply said “enjoy your evening” and we left the table. As it turned out there was another empty table directly behind the one the man was protecting. I was concerned about his near violent reaction to a simple situation and spoke with security about it and they were already familiar with this man.

The incident past. Later that evening my daughter wanted to dance and was concerned about us losing the table. I said wait a minute. I walked up to the man who threatened me earlier and said “hey you do such a good job protecting tables, would you protect ours while me and my daughter dance?” He laughed and said “of course”. When we came back he was smiling and said he had to chase away at least three people. I think that was in jest be we were able to laugh about it.

I was very happy about how this turned out realizing how close we were to a very negative situation. The difference was making a decision to be at peace and send energy of well being. Wow what a great lesson.

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6.       Commit to a minimum of 15 minutes each day and ideally 30 -60 minutes reading the Daily Word, Science of Mind and Yes Attitude ( at some point you will finish the Yes Attitude and then replace it . Spend additional time with a book like Think and Grow Rich

7.       Write in your journal the most compelling guidance from any of these resources that you want to focus on and have make a difference in your life. Now you can see why I advise invest in a journal. This is where very valuable thoughts and ideas go.  There are many ways you can use a journal. At a minimum do what I am suggesting. 

8.       Carry the journal with you when possible or note cards from your journal and then when you catch yourself doing or saying something that represents a behavior you are intending to change refer to your journal for guidance. If you are journaling that you are going to take some forward moving action steps each day, write it visualize it as done and take action.

9.       This all takes a commitment, persistence and practice. However you do want to become unstuck don’t you?

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A Gift For You: A Inside Exclusive

Today is the anniversary of my arrival here. I am blessed in a number of very special ways.  I talked with my mom and was thanked her and  told her how much I loved her. I experienced a wonderful conversation with my daughter.  Many friends from around the world connected and sent powerful energy.  I am so grateful and I accept and welcome more of the same. In the meantime you can expect to receive an increasing flow of energy from me as I expand and share that with you.

It may seem  unusual to have a mindset to be open to receive. But that is the state God intends for us to be experiencing. God is all giving and all receiving. Think about it. You are here because Divine energy wanted to have a unique experience through you. In return you get to be here… Giving and Receiving.  In giving God gave us the greatest gift which is the Divine Energy of God in us. That is what many of us may not understand or  remember.

My gift for you today is to share with you the substance of what I developed for me and the members of Manifest Mastermind.  What follows is not a standard format. There is none except that each one has action steps.   Also the only omissions are comments that members would know but others may not.  None of those comments in this instance are related to the substance of  Guidance Process 15:  Now you get an inside look.

Guidance Process 15:

Key Reminders:

When you are not seeing your dreams manifest, you may not be respecting the time buffer, you may not be clear on your dominate dreams, you may be blocking your manifestation power. Comments to follow.

There is a lot of material and it may seem like too much to remember. Use the feel good approach. If you are moving in the direction of something that feels good you are in a vibrational match.

Life is intended to be fun. We are intended to understand the polarity of events, the cycle of events and appreciate all experiences.


Divine Source Energy is within all. This is the basis for Guidance Process 6: Oneness.

Let’s go deeper. The definition of Divine Source Energy, the Source, The Field, God and respectfully many other names over the course of time is Love. Reflecting on Love, Unconditional Love led me to publish the site http://unconditionallovehug.com and begin sending that energy often. You may have seen me signing a blog article or email, “Sending You An Unconditional Love Hug” If that feels good to you, adopt it. Send it out.

I have come to appreciate a knowing of Unconditional Love not often discussed in many of the mainstream resources.  On the physical plane we have a tendency to think God has human attributes.  I feel this is very far from the truth. Just look at the Universe and consider that in 2009 we discovered new galaxies. God is unlimited which we cannot comprehend.

We have an opportunity to appreciate this guidance: the energy of God responds to what we command it to do. Take a deep breath and let’s review that again..the energy of God responds to what we command it to do.

We command the energy of God by our thoughts. Now here is the tricky part, we may think we are commanding the energy of God to manifest a particular dream or desire. In reality we are often giving the power to “the thing” and ignoring the power of God.

How can this be you ask? Anytime we are looking outward and focused on a desired outcome and feeling that outcome is the answer we missed it. God is always the answer. When we are driving a car, God is driving the car. When we are drinking water, God is drinking water, when we are holding another, God is holding another. You see, it is God within us that is the reason we can touch, feel, think, smell and do anything and that same energy within us is the energy within all…Oneness.

This is why the words I, Me, My are the most powerful words. I is really God within. There is only one you. There is only one person you can refer to when you say I or Me. The substance of I is God. Thought originates with the Divine. If you think this is nuts, consider all of our cells are replaced in less than a year and this process is ongoing. All cells including our brain cells. Yet we remember, we feel, we reason.

If you study The Moses Code you know the emphasis placed on the power of I AM That, I AM.  This is why it is important to consider how we are using this power. If we say: I am tired or I am sick or some other negative phrase with I AM, the same power that creates all in the Universe is now at work in ways possibly opposite of our intentions.

Heavy stuff…!!

Here is the really great news. Once you get this, then use the power of God within to dismiss all attempts by outer experiences to create fear, doubt and limited beliefs.  “Be Silent” is the command to these experiences.

The flip of that is to command God’s energy to bring you into the arms of God’s Unconditional Love, Happiness, Intelligence. Command God’s energy to bring to you your dreams and desires.

I know the idea of commanding God can be a really challenging belief. Look at the Law of Attraction which advises us  to be vibrationally in alignment with that which you want to manifest. That is a more user friendly way of advising us to command the energy of God. When we command the energy of God we are absolutely in alignment with that energy and that power can only respond …. unless we let the outer power of fear, doubt, disbelief block it and it can.

How can there be any blocks? That is one of the topic of Guidance Process 16.

Action Steps:

  1. Make sure you begin using right now the command “Be Silent” whenever you experience the first evidence of any fear, doubt, limiting belief. Follow that command with “I AM radiating the Divine Light of peace, harmony and abundance.’

  2. Repeating the guidance to begin your spiritual/self-development ritual. At a minimum set aside 15 minutes in the morning. If you can’t find 15 start with 5. You will be amazed at how you will want to find more time once you start. Use your Manifest Mastermind Treasure Chest for this work. Expand your ritual to include different periods during the day for 5 minutes or so to reflect on key principles you want to become more automatically in you.

I Appreciate You!

Sending You An Unconditional Love Hug,

Steve Pohlit

Manifest Mastermind

The Power of Love

What is really amazing is how we can recall every second and the relive the emotion from any event we  chosen to be memorable. Most of us choose not to make every second of our life experience memorable. We are generally thinking about the past or future. We are rarely in the now.

I believe we don’t remember because we are not paying attention to the wonders of the now. Events like a plane crashing into the World Trade Center eight years ago today are ones we remember because in the instant of being aware of such a disaster we are totally focused on the now. Most other life  experiences are taken  for granted so they are not memorable for us.

I  remember exactly what I was doing when I first viewed the screen showing the first plane to hit twin towers and then the second, and the aftermath including scenes from the Pentagon and Somerset, Pa.  I am able in an instant to recreate the emotional response experienced that day.

History has shown we  remember but we often ignore the lessons. We have advanced to where we really have the solutions to most situations. We still create economic and political turmoil. Individually and collectively we ignore the right of each other to live our own intentions in freedom and peace. It is impossible for anyone honoring the right of all to live their intentions in freedom and peace to be involved in abuse of any kind to another, to an animal, to our planet. It is impossible for any one person or group to organize an attack on another. All of these things and more continue to occur.

History has also shown greed, maneuvers to control another or entire countries do not work long term. Yet in 2009 we have relinquished many liberties in the US and all over the  the world people are in fear of aggressive behavior by another. We know the destruction and the uselessness of war. We still have war and the threat of even greater ones. Any abhorrent action or threat of one can be linked to a view that is opposite of the right of another to live their intentions in freedom and peace.

How do we as a race get to the place of love for another regardless of our views?  This question has been on the plate since the beginning of recorded history. Actually the answer is well known and has been since the beginning of time as well.  Collectively we apparently ignore it.  Regardless of religion, sex, nationality regardless of what we may see, hear or even read from others including this article, we know inside we are all One. That does not mean on the physical plane we look, act or think the same. It means our Source is the same.

Ages ago, before quantum physics began to confirm this, people already knew we were all connected. People knew there was a higher power and this energy was within all. This is evident when we read the Greek scholars, the Bible and more. The awareness of Oneness is growing but far from pervasive. So what can we expect in our world today considering that as a race we have consistently fought or positioned for control using laws, tariffs, taxes, bureaucratic process and schemes over another or even nations?

Yesterday I was reading a section of one of my favorite books The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. She related a story of a woman who learned of another saying very derogatory and hateful things about her. A friend advised her to take action to minimize any further damage to the woman’s reputation.  She sat down and began writing over and over “Divine Love is doing its perfect work in this situation now, and all is well.”  Within a few days the woman received a gift and a note from her verbal attacker expressing love and appreciation for her.

Catherine continues with this very powerful reminder that radiating divine love is especially helpful concerning the little things that can be quite irritating for it is the little things that mold our day and it is our day that molds the world.  I was not thinking of her guidance when I started sharing the idea of an Unconditional Love Hug. It is my belief  love energy is the answer. It  is my belief love energy is more powerful that any opposite intentions.

Does this mean that all who share this view should just sit around  singing Kumbaya and chanting ohm?  Time going to the silence and sending out the energy of love is time well spent I believe.  Having said that, we should continue  to act on practical steps to protect the rights of all to live in freedom and peace.

I learned that in the eight years following 9-11 there was focused intent on agencies of the US government sharing information about  people and groups possible intending to do harm. Now I am sure there was well meaning purposeful action when important information surfaced. I don’t think it was just luck that we have not been attacked again in the last eight years.

I also read where certain of those polices that seem to have been effective in strengthening national and international security are being changed by the new political administration in the US.  So why would we do that?  Do we think there are no longer groups who feel totally opposite the values of America? Is this another situation where we are ignoring the lessons of the past?  Could be!

I stand for the right of all to live their intentions in freedom and peace and if that means your intentions are completely opposite of mine I respect and love you. However that also means I expect the same from you. I don’t intend to control you and I defend my right to not be controlled by you.

Is that a paradox? If there are no controlling laws can I just do anything I want?  I don’t need controlling laws since I have no desire to do anything to harm another. Are traffic lights controlling laws?  Traffic lights help with order in an advancing society as do speed laws. They are consistent with my honoring the right of all to live in freedom and peace.  I honor those rules because I have no intention of being the cause of an action that hurts another.   However there is a huge difference for me in having traffic lights and all the laws and taxes intended to control my behavior and my life. The operative phrase here is my life.  Just as it is for you.

Are you beginning to see what is possible with love energy for ourselves expanding unconditionally to others?  It starts with love and appreciation for ourselves. We  then demonstrate this energy  by our thoughts, words and actions that are in alignment with the right of all life to live their intentions in freedom and peace. Is this the solution for love, peace and respect worldwide? I believe it is.

Recently in a teleconference with holistic life coach Roni Lipstein that will be made public soon, Roni reminded us we are either coming from a state of love or fear. To be in a state where we have eliminated fear with love means we have transformed our view of our individual self to one of appreciation and love. It all really does start with one and expands rapidly.

On this day 9-11-09 I honor all whose right to life was violated. I honor all who helped bring some level of comfort to those who were most hurt. I honor all those who following this incident and other outrageous violations of life work to protect our freedom. It is my strongest desire and intention to continue to improve the love for all that I Am and  send powerful energy that we remember the lessons we learned from past events and stop making the same obvious mistakes.

Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug” and

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

Manifest Mastermind’s  mission is to help you manifest your dreams and desires as defined by you. 

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Prosperity or Poverty It Is Your Choice

You  have the guidance system within to be at peace and experience  joy all the time. This is true regardless of any events going on around you.  Think about the person you know who is peace and love manifest.  This person is human and has experiences they do not prefer. But look into their eyes and you will see the Universe.

God does not hand out special cards that says ” you are love and peace and you are darkness and anxiety”  However most of us seem to be influenced by external events that we allow to influence how we feel.  While others seem to transcend all of that and remain peaceful.

Manifest Mastermind offers guidance on manifesting our individual dreams and desires.  I recently listened to a speaker who is also a popular author. I came to a pivot point.  A pivot point in basketball is phrase which means if you have the ball and are stopped you can pivot and direct that ball any way you choose.  My choice is to focus many of my discussions and writings on the image of our pure potentiality….what we are capable of being as individuals and the potential of the collective consciousness of freedom and peace.

I feel we are making this all too difficult. I feel it is natural for us to be at peace and “happy ever after” as written by Neale Donald Walsh.  We  allow life experiences to block that peace.   Why is that?  Why did the hippies in the 60’s fade with the mantras “give peace a chance” and “all we need is love”?  Was it because this group was associated with random sex and drugs?  We condemned this behavior and have we created a better world?   Seems to me we may not have made much progress with our judgments.

Before you click this off as advocating reckless behavior,  I stand for all life to live their intentions in freedom and peace. That means unconditional love for all beliefs and behavior so long as the behavior respects the life of all to live in freedom and peace without interference.  This is the foundation of the Freedom and Peace Initiative started by Temple Hayes . Visit Life Rights for more information.

Image peace and harmony.  Manifest that by being peace and harmony. Be peace and harmony by not being judgmental.

We have exposure to the latest best selling authors, headlines in the press or on the Internet and we conclude suffering is expanding, that life is getting worse, and that pain is increasing.

Candidly I don’t know if any of that is factually  true or not true relative to the history of our race. What I do know is that because of technology, if someone commits a serious crime somewhere in the world we will know about it in hours.  I also know that countless loving conversations and activities that are occurring at the same time  are not and never will be reported.  So have conditions really changed? Or possibly is it that our awareness of those conditions has changed?

It is time for all of us and particularly the authors and teachers  to focus on the images of peace and harmony that are already within us.  This is not to suggest blind ignorance of life situations that we do not prefer.  But candidly we create our reality and we can resolve to create a new reality for ourselves.  As collective consciousness we can solve life situations that affect many like war, famine and economic turmoil.

It is our choice…focus on our potentiality or focus on what we call problems that are in God’s eyes  life situations that we can choose to let go.  God chooses not to experience judgment, anger, frustration,  anxiety.  God creates and allows.  As individual manifestations of God, so can we.

Everything in between us arriving and leaving the physical plane will be as we create it. The only disconnect is not understanding how we create our reality here.  When we do arrive at that understanding and allow our consciousness to be that understanding,  our life will take off.

My highest thought, as is yours, is where we know what God thinks, feels and acts in every situation. We are candles of the Sun meaning we are part of God.  As we identify  where our daily self varies from our highest thought and close that gap, we then become our intended purpose on the physical plane and are creating our intended reality.

Manifest Mastermind’s  mission is to help you manifest your dreams and desires as defined by you.

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Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug”

May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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You can have anything your desire. You Deserve to be healthy, happy and free. You can experience  joy, peace, and abundance in all areas of your life. We .live in a vibrational Universe. By aligning yourself with natural laws, all of the people, circumstances and knowledge required for attaining your dreams & desires will become attracted to you.

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Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug”

May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Steve Pohlit, Founder
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When we write about being on pupose, we often receive questions similar to “how do I find my purpose?” That is covered in detail in the first Manifest Mastermind Guidance Process delivered to our members and now available to you for a 30 Day Trial and all this for $1.00.  It is also addressed in our Free Course 7 Steps To Manifest Your Dreams.