5 Ways To Raise Your Vibration Right Now – And Why This Is Important

When you do the research you will discover all of us are energy. Energy vibrates at varying frequencies.  For example being sick has a certain vibrating frequency associated with it depending on the condition.  As you know that is not our ideal state. The less healthy we eat and drink,  the heavier our density and lower vibration. The happier, calmer, positive, healthier we are the higher our vibration.  The higher our vibration, the closer we are to Source to God which is pure unconditional love.  Of course the less resistance we have the more we are in a position to manifest our dreams and desires.  For now this should help you understand the importance of focusing on raising our vibration.
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5 Ways To Raise Your Vibration Right Now

By Steven Bancarz|  In spirituality, our “vibration” essentially refers to our energetic state.  Our dominant thoughts, our physical health, our emotions, and our beliefs all collectively contribute to the vibrational state of our energy field.  The contribute to our “vibes” if you will.  When you can feel “vibes” coming from another person, you are literally tapping in to the energy field of that person.

Nobody wants to feel anything other than peace and happiness.  There is a long list of things you can incorporate in your lifestyle that will raise your vibration over the course of time, and even immediately.  Getting sunlight, loving yourself, eating a healthy diet, spending time with friends, and being out in nature are just some of the more obvious ways.

There are some things, however, that you can do right now regardless of where you are that will help raise your vibrational state.  In other words, they will help cultivate more peace of mind, more happiness, more clarity, and more overall wellness immediately.  Here are 5 things you can do right away to raise your vibration:

1) Meditation

We all knew this one would be on the list.  And we all know about the overwhelming amount of physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits that come with mediation.  Yet for some reason, we all kind of resist meditation.  I feel resistance arise sometimes before meditation or even during it, even though I know it is fundamental to my evolution.  The key is to stop thinking of meditation as a task, or as something you have to do.  You don’t have to prepare or do anything fancy.

Just sit right where you are, close your eyes, and just be.  Take a break from your life situation.  Drop all intention of going somewhere or needing to do anything, and give yourself full permission to completely relax, even if it’s just for 60 seconds.  You can do this at the office when your boss isn’t looking, in the bathroom, during commercials on your favourite show, or whenever you would like.  The key is to stay relaxed, yet alert without thinking.  Just be, as the consciousness that you are.  You will always notice an immediate shift in your energetic state, even if you only practice this for 30 seconds.  Your body and mind begin to rest, and your brainwaves will actually alter as well.  Meditation is not a chore! It’s a vacation.  Treat yourself every now and then, and I promise you will see changes in your life.

2) Conscious Breathing

Take 3 conscious breaths right now.  No for real.  Do it.  Take a deep inhale, and be there with the breath the entire way in, and be there with it on the way out.   We give so much attention to the redundant thoughts in our heads and so little time to the breath which is constantly giving us life and sustaining our being.  Every time you choose to stop what you are doing, turn your attention away from the compulsive thought stream and invest it into the flow of the breath, you are literally making the choice to evolve faster.  Every time you take a deep breath, you are cultivating more peace, happiness, stillness, and clarity right away.

I challenge you to take as many conscious breaths as you can throughout the day.  At least every 30 minutes, remind yourself to inhale deeply and be present with the flow of your breathing.  You are literally taking in more Life Energy when you do this.  You will notice that as you begin to get into the habit of doing this on a regular basis, and undercurrent of peace will begin to arise on its own.  More energy, more spiritual awareness, right now.  Take 3 more before you continue on to the next point.

3) Practice Gratitude

You are not starving to death somewhere.   You have clean water to drink.  You have a roof to sleep under.  But on top of the endless list of things you could be grateful for, here is something to think about.  You are on a massive rock whirling around a ball of fire at a speed of 108,000 kph. The sun itself is whizzing along the outskirts of the galactic arm at a rate of 792,000 km/h,  and our Milky Way galaxy itself is moving at almost 1 million kph.  Nobody knows what caused the universe, why it is here, why/how subjectivity or consciousness exists, or how life formed out of dead inert matter in the first place.  I personally believe there is an Intelligence behind it all, but whatever your beliefs may be, here is the most amazing fact of all:

13.6 billion years of star formation and destruction, of chemical evolution, of biological evolution, of countless miraculous events that led to the formation of plants, moons, and ultimately to conscious beings took place so that YOU could experience this moment.  Right now.  The universe went through all of this so it could experience itself through your perspective.  YOU are a f**king miracle.  Life is so amazing.  Look outside.  Here the birds.  Feel the wind.   You are on a planet in outer space, and nobody knows how or why anything exists at all.  Take a look at your friends, your loved ones, and just sit with the internal realization that everything around you is literally a miracle.  We so often forget how lucky we are to experience anything at all.  Taking a moment to remember the preciousness of life is something that always brings your energetic state to a completely new level.

4) Laughter

“A day without laughter is a day wasted” Charlie Chaplin once said.  There is nothing like a good laugh to improve your mood and raise your energetic state. Osho once said, “Life as such has to be taken as cosmic joke – and then suddenly you relax because there is nothing to be tense about. And in that very relaxation something starts changing in you.”

Watch your favourite comedian.  Watch a funny movie.  Tell a pun or two.  Lightheartedness is the best way to approach almost all dilemmas in your life.  When you are in a fight or an argument with someone, try to administer a little bit of humour to the situation.  Once you can crack a smile out of them, the whole energy field of the room changes and you both realize from this new place of lightheartedness that your connection to each other as people is more important than anything.  If you are in a negative circle of thinking, refer back to something that made you laugh in the past.  It’s never worth it to not be at peace.

Here is a list of spiritual jokes and puns.

5) Understanding That Life Is Temporary

One of the most humbling realizations is that impermanence is an unchanging truth.  You will never get to experience this moment every again.  Everything around you will pass with time.  The trees, the buildings, relationships, accomplishments.  The only things that will remain are memories.  Life is so so temporary.  We all know how fast time seems to fly by.  Whether you believe you have a soul or not, here is a truth that has literally changed the way I see life:

There will be a time in this life where you will be old and near passing.  You will be reflecting on your past experiences, on how you spent your time, on all of the great times you had, and maybe even on how often you took life for granted.  There will come a time in your life where you would give ANYTHING to be in this position right now.  Alive, youthful, healthy.   You would give your arm and a leg if you could just experience life as a 20 or 30 or 50-year-old again.  Imagine yourself being on your deathbed and wishing you could go back for just 30 seconds to extract more experience from life and to fully appreciate how amazing it is.  Consider this moment, right now, being your wish granted. What are you going to do with this moment?

It helps me personally to live with the realization that life is a fleeting experience.  It helps cultivate grace, lightness, and love.  The key to to raising your vibration won’t be found in a chakra chart or by clutching on to crystals.  It lies within the way you choose to interact with this present moment.  You can choose mediate, breathe deep, have a laugh, and realize that life is an absolute gift, or you can choose to allow your vibration to be determined by the world around you.

The power is in your hands!  It always has been, and it always will be.  The more we can own up to our power and improve our energetic state at will, the more peace we will have individually.  The more peace we have individually, the more peace we have collectively.  World peace literally starts with you and your energy field, and it doesn’t take any longer than 30 seconds sitting in a chair somewhere to completely uplift your vibration.

About the author:  My name is Steven Bancarz and I am the creator of “Spirit Science and Metaphysics”.  I hope you enjoyed this article! I recently released a free Ebook called Live Free which is a book containing wisdom and practices designed to end suffering and to you claim your freedom back from your thoughts and your emotions.  If you are interested in checking it out, you can do so by clicking the book cover below.

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Your Daily Peace of Mind – The 6 Phase Meditation

This infographic is based on the core meditation from the Envisioning Method, a daily practice designed by Mindvalley Founder, Vishen Lakhiani. The 6 Phase Meditation is a distillation of hundreds of books on personal growth and is designed to create the most remarkable transformation in your state of being — in the shortest amount of time. – See more at: http://mindvalleyacademy.com


12 Steps to Thrive

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Founder Manifest Mastermind, International Business, Real Estate and Life Coach
Founder Manifest Mastermind, International Business, Real Estate and Life Coach
Steve Pohlit, Founder

How To Stay Focused When Meditating

Kyle Gray Published This For the Complete Article Please Click Here

Invite the Angels – As soon as you begin your meditation practice, focus on your light and say “Thank you Angels for joining in with my meditation practice today. It’s so good to have you here!”

Stay Grounded – Any time you feel your mind begin to wander, focus on your feet and the sensations that they are having. Are they pressed against the icy cold floor or can you feel carpet underneath them? Are you wearing shoes or socks? Or even are they in a lotus/cross-legged position. As you focus on your feet and where they are, you bring yourself back to the body and, of course, the present moment.

Remember Mudra – When you meditate, allow your palms to face upwards, as if you were getting ready to “receive,” but anytime you feel your mind wander, you can allow yourself to make a fist with both hands. All you do is bring your fingers in and put your thumb over them. What you are doing is another conscious action to bring yourself back to the body. The 5 fingers represent the 5 spiritual elements and you bring them back together every time you make a fist.

Affirm – Your ego-self, that voice that questions everything and anything it possibly can, sometimes might join in your meditation. It might be rude, tell you that you’re not gifted or something else that’s completely untrue. Anytime you hear it, just say something like “It is completely safe for me to enjoy this experience. I am safe here in love!”

Let it be – If you hear noises, cars driving by, the kids coming in from school or whatever else, just let it be. Any time you hear a noise outside yourself, focus on the breath and imagine you are breathing to the noise. As you breathe towards the noise, you reach out with your inner light and share whatever peace you are experiencing with it. You can even just think into yourself “this noise around me is completely natural and I’m still safe so I’ll just let it be” and continue.

Prayer Meditation and Manifestation

angelsFrom a previous article  Prayer then is the total certainty that God is the creator and prayer is being in alignment with the God ” I Am One With God”  Now can you see that when you are One with God You are One with Creation and you are then positioned to manifest your intention.  This is a wonderful image to focus on when meditating and totally in alignment with Kyle’s first point of thanking the Angels to join you.

Meditate Into The State of Being One With God

Again this is a direct link to meditation. One position is  to have a seat, place your feet on the floor, hand on your lap palms up, close your eyes, take a deep breath begin to relax into the picture of being one with God. Maybe the image is one of blending with an amazing light or a physical image you prefer. God is fine with you imaging God however you like. It is not about the image, it is about the knowing you are One with the Creator.

May your success exceed your most amazing dreams and desires.

Much Love and Blessings

Steve Pohlit, Founder Manifest Mastermind 

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Unstoppable Mindset by Paul Hutchings….Absolutely Incredible

International Business Development and Real Estate Investment Coach. Founder Manifest Mastermind
International Business Development and Real Estate Investment Coach. Founder Manifest Mastermind

( I coach on mindset as part of my business and real estate coaching practice. I am the founder of Manifest Mastermind and the author of more than 300 articles that are free at this site plus Guidance Processes for members. I am a student of many teachers and guides. I host a monthly call with several very wealthy and notable celebrities who are renowned experts on negotiations, marketing, mindset and more. With all of that continually growing experience the following story and road map is absolutely incredible and more valuable than I can describe. I wanted to charge a lot of money for this because it is that good. However, I received it without asking or paying. I follow my advice to you “pay attention to the messages you are intended to receive. I am and I am now sharing this with you. This is in it’s entirety and Paul discloses the business he is in. I highly recommend you focus on the blueprint….it is awesome. Steve Pohlit!)

It was early in 2010… I was jobless, broke & savings were dwindling fast. I needed a miracle. I remember one night putting two of my boys (Kayden and Camden) to bed. I’d read them their bedtime stories and they’d fallen asleep.

As I looked at those two little angelic faces, I remember tears coming to my eyes as I realized that I had no idea how I was going to feed them or put clothes on their backs, let alone give them all the great things I wanted to give them. Kneeling there beside their bed with tears streaming down my face, I did the only thing I could.

I prayed.

I needed a miracle . Fast forward to May of 2012. I’m a 6 figure residual earner in the home business industry. How did I do it? What was the miracle?

A simple formula.

Eternal thanks to my good friend & business partner (Todd Young) for sharing this formula with me. Get this, (really GET it), and success becomes almost automatic.

Mindset + Skill-set + Accountability x Performance = Results

If you’re not getting the results you want in your business… odds are you need some work on some part of that equation.

Here are 6 simple keys (2 sets of 3) that can supercharge the variables in this formula for you & catapult your business success.

3 ‘insider tips’ To Developing an Unstoppable Mindset

Read or Listen to something educational for 30 to 60 minutes a day (preferably authored by someone who makes more money that you)

One of the best ways to learn to think like wealthy people think and adopt their mindset is simply to listen to what they read, or say. Thoughts turn into words and you can take those words and put them into your head so they become your thoughts. Do this again and again over time and you’ll start to think like wealthy, successful people think.

Sound simple?

It is.

Jim Rohn once said, “Things that are easy to do are also easy not to do.”

That’s why most people will hear this suggestion and not do it.

Please don’t be one of them.

De-hypnotize yourself from false beliefs with autosuggestion

Most people don’t realize that an idea repeated again and again will eventually come to be accepted as truth.

Here’s how to use this psychological fact to your advantage…

Develop a written set of positive beliefs you want to program your mind with and repeat them aloud to yourself (twice daily) with feeling and passion.

Over time you’ll eliminate beliefs that hold you back and cultivate beliefs that lift you up.

Employ the power of meditation for 30 minutes a day

Don’t know how to meditate? I didn’t either but I’m learning. It’s simple… let me teach you.

Go to a quiet place, lock the door, turn off all distractions, and close your eyes. Ponder all of the wonderful things/people/blessings you have in your life and express (FEEL) extreme gratitude.

Then… begin to visualize your ideal self and your ideal future with mental imaging. Express gratitude for these future blessings as well – knowing that they are on their way.

Top 3 Secrets To Effective Communication In Network Marketing

Ask Questions

When you’re speaking with people, keep the conversation on them with questions. Where are they from? How long have they lived there? Are they married? How long? How did they meet their spouse? Do they have kids? How many? What do they do for work? What do they enjoy about it? Tell me more about that…, etc.

Control the conversation with questions and you’ll find that people will tell you everything you need to know about them and more.

They’ll also LOVE you for it.


Drop all thoughts and just LISTEN. Occasionally jump in to relate a bit (BRIEFLY) and then ask another question to keep them talking. Express interest in what they’re saying by using terms like “wow”, “really?”, “Oh my gosh”, “that’s amazing”, etc.
If you’re on the phone with someone, use paper and pen/pencil to take notes. This will help you listen with focus. People will love you for this too.

Become A Storyteller

Why do people LOVE movies & books?

Why do children BEG for bedtime stories?

Why did Jesus tell stories?

Why is the Bible (the most published book of all time) filled with stories?

Ever heard the phrase, “Facts tell and stories sell”?

It’s SO true. People LOVE stories.

When people ask my friend Todd about the compensation plan, guess what he says…?

“Let me tell you a story”.

It works for everything & people will identify more, remember more and take more action if you use stories in your communication.

I know these “6 keys to high performance mindset & communication” will help you in your business if you apply them. To review:

Read or Listen to something educational for 30 to 60 minutes a day
De-hypnotize yourself from false beliefs with autosuggestion
Employ the power of meditation for 30 minutes a day
Ask Questions
Become A Storyteller

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Manifest Power Tool: Be Still

“Be still and Know That I AM God”

Today and everyday I quiet my mind for 5 minutes or more three times a day to the outer world chatter. I welcome the guidance I receive especially during these times.

Eckhart Tolle offers one way to enter the silence.  Please share your favorite way of entering the silence or meditation.

Sending you the energy of peace, happiness, prosperity with an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit, Founder
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Rewrite  Manifest  Power Tools most  meaningful  for  you  on a card or small  notebook that  can  be carried in pocket or purse.  Refer to them  and repeat often throughout the day. Another idea is record key Manifest Power Tools in your own voice and listen to them on your MP3 recorder.

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