Read Sharika’s Story On How The Law of Attraction Has Worked For Her

I always believed in the power of law of attraction as soon as I had learned about it when I was 18 from a book called ” “You Can Have What You Want”. I was 26 and I started to really feel stuck in my career. I needed more of a deeper understanding. I craved for someone to explain the process in a more detailed matter.

I had tried everything from reading the book The Secret and watching the dvd multiple times to hpz brainwave movies that i found on youtube. I kept searching and searching the world wide web for answer’s becasue lets face it there are tons of websites that claim they have the answers. Then they want to charge you $400 for those answers , which to me doesn’t really seem fair to charge for something that technically will always be free.

On February 21, 2011 ( I will never forget the date because I wrote it down and it was important to me to document my experience ) I came across the 7 steps Link for the Manifest Mastermind Program.  I  was emailed all the 7 steps over a short period of time.  I was thrilled because not only did i start to see change by using the steps but I could also feel change , like eating better … thinking better.

So I decided to give the program a shot and pay the $37 dollars a month.  I thought of it as an investment and the key to my$500 million dollar fortune so it really was a great bargain. As of today:

I have been on the cover of a magazine ,

been featured in a national magazine that is available everywhere ( CURVE ) .

I am the lead singer  Lady Soal.

My Facebook fan page Likes went from 600-1009 likes.

I have 2 professional music videos , radio interviews ,

my bands’ songs are also played in regular rotation on the radio.

I also have 2 mastermind partners and they can tell you the same thing I can that .. the Manifest Mastermind Program has changed their lives .

The list goes on of the things Manifest Mastermind has helped me to achieve by giving me the deep understanding that my thoughts feelings and core belief in myself are what creates my life .  I am forever grateful for Steve Pohlit  taking the time to create and dissect the law of attraction in a way that speaks to people who are more visual learners.

This part of my story  is a part of the manifest because I always thought to myself when I get really famous and people ask me what I did , I am gonna tell them the truth: I made a list and I swore that list was it and I called it the Manifest Mastermind Treasure Chest. Then i would tell the world by being successful myself , how they can become successful too . -Sharika soal aka LADYSOAL

Action Steps

1. Look to the top right of your screen and register for the Manifest Mastermind Free Course.
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Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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