Death: Fear or Inspirational ?

International Business Development and Real Estate Investment Coach. Founder Manifest Mastermind
International Business Development and Real Estate Investment Coach. Founder Manifest Mastermind

In the biography of Steve Jobs there is a story about his 2005 commencement address at Stamford University. There were three stories he shared with the graduates. The one that had the most impact for him and the audience was on how his cancer was the most important experience of his life. In summary, he said once he faced the reality of his death, he became very liberated in his view of life. He understood that all expectations, anxieties, stresses…all the negative emotions most of us give a lot of attention to are dismissed at the moment of death. This awareness gave him an acute understanding of what was really important to him.

Subsequently he led the development of the iPhone and iPad (tablet computing) and these products transformed the technology world. Steve knew he had the talent to make a huge difference int the world and that is his legacy. It is very interesting to note the iPhone was heavily discounted by the technology industry as a product very few would purchase. We know the rest of the story. It is also interesting to look at Steve’s life and say…well did he focus on his health, his family and personal relationships? Really important opportunity here to focus on manifesting your authentic self and not making judgments of others. Personally I work on this all the time.

In the late summer of 2011 when I knew my mom was nearing her physical death and spiritual transition, I began to pay very close attention to the book Home With God by Neil Donald Walsch. I gained an expanded awareness of death and I the guidance that was most valuable for then and remains for me is …once you no longer fear death, you are able to stop fear living.

There Are Many Steve Jobs…

From my point of view Steve Jobs demonstrated what was possible by dismissing the fear of living. Guess what…so did Jesus, Moses, Socrates, Plato, Buddha, Mother Theresa and countless others. Now here is the really cool part: we are intended to demonstrate our authentic self. That is why we chose to show up on this physical plane. What stops us from “being all we can be” ? Our fears stop us…our limiting beliefs stop us. Yes I have them and I know. So I work on them and share with you what I learn. So share with me and tens of thousands of others by commenting on this point.

Remember You Will Die

In Steve’s biography there is a brief story about a military general who when leading his troops through the town following a victory had behind him a soldier repeating “you too will die” reminding him not to be caught up in the glory. That story and what I have shared with you from Steve Job’s commencement address and Home With God have been compelling insights for me.

It Is That Simple…and Yet Very Challenging

So you have an opportunity to agree with this or not. We can go on focusing on what other people think, focusing on what have I done or not done, focusing on what we don’t have or have and we don’t want to lose, focusing on what he/she said or didn’t say or do or what the other thought we have in our mind and intend or don’t …and on an on…you get the picture…Or….. we can focus on what is possible when we dismiss all of that. I remember the book The Five Wishes and it really gets to the point… of all of this. If you are close to your physical death and you have a few minutes to answer the question…what five things would you do different if you had the chance what would they be? Now if you are reading this it is likely you are not close to your death and have the opportunity to do those five things now.

Let me add a little more outrageously spicy sauce to this recipe…if your five things are all about what you want to see or do personally, I ask how does that achieve the purpose for you showing up on this planet. As a personal example, the greatest reward for me is helping others transform from where they are now to where they want to be. Guess what I am doing by writing this!!

One More Thing

One more thing – my signature section is next and I encourage you to spend time at this blog. Even though I publish this material I find tremendous peace and direction when I read this material. No matter what situation you find yourself in your life, there is material here to support you. If you want personal help, email me with your interest in my coaching program designed to help you achieve your all your dreams and desires.

May you find the wisdom you need in these pages and create the life of your dreams starting right now.

Steve Pohlit,
Manifest Mastermind
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Steve Pohlit

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My King …Deserves A Dedicated Article and So Much More

Thank You Preston Ely…An email from you brought this to my attention.  Ladies and Gentlemen “there are no coincidences”  “Pay Attention To The Messages You Are Intended To Receive”  There is no doubt I was intended to pay attention to this one.

For years I have been focused on the Guidance that (my words) all that I have done and more you can do.   Now pay attention…you were intended to receive this message.

Action Step

Each day decide those areas of your focus and attention that could use some adjustment. Then use your Manifest Mastermind Treasure Chest (daily journal) to focus on shifting your attention to what is possible and your commitment to accepting it is not the government, your spouse, your parents, your employer or anyone else who is responsible for you. You are responsible.

Now go out and create some miracles.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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Manifest Mastermind Guidance Re.:Holy Week, Easter Sunday…What Jesus Wants Us To Know

What is presented here is different than foundation of organized religions. Recently I offered  some of my belief system with a friend in Chicago and he said “Steve, I am from and in Chicago. We have some deep seated beliefs and I am not in alignment with what you are saying.”

I grew up in the traditional Catholic culture…Latin mass, alter boy,  Catholic grade school and high school. My ethnic heritage is very traditional Catholic. I certainly appreciate and respect  my friend’s posture. He and all have the right to express different beliefs.  I once did.

Today I am in a state of knowing … absolute feeling of just knowing and having no doubt about it.  This means I have no doubt for me.  I write many articles that explain this knowing.  I offer in-depth guidance to Manifest Mastermind members and coach those who choose one on one.

How did I move to a place of knowing?  I felt my belief system was not working for me. Much of what I had been taught made no sense to me and when I observed the results of  organized religious belief systems including those that  have been around thousands of years,  I noticed as a race we continue to have enormous issues in our world.  Organized religion is like government for me …power based.  However, please do not conclude that I have the universal conclusion organized religion is wrong or not helpful. My observations are that the religious and governmental systems we have in place  have not succeeded in establishing the respect and honor of the right of all to live their intentions in freedom and peace. That is the Life Rights mantra of Temple Hayes.

Now I have addressed the two topics you should avoid in a networking situation or a party: namely, politics and religion.  So if you are still with me, I began researching and studying in earnest about 6 years ago and Oneness struck a major chord.  For me everything makes total sense when I began to all are of One energy source.  All the rest of the work for me continues to be clarifying that knowing  for myself and evolving into a person whose life reflects this knowing.  I feel that is a continual evolution.

How does all of this relate to Holy Week, Easter and what Jesus Wants Us To Know?  I felt it was important for you to understand my foundation knowing system which is Universal Law and that God does not discriminate. Whatever anyone defines as their purpose can be achieved by allowing God within to experience the manifestation of our intended purpose as defined by us.

Steve Pohlit, Founder of Manifest Mastermind Invites You To Demonstrate Unconditional Love

Jesus learned this Universal Law and became in alignment with it.  He understood and demonstrated what was possible when you allow Spirit, God, Being…to work through you. He was so good at it that He was able to demonstrate what most considered to be amazing results that we label miracles.  He demonstrated what many consider to be beyond belief..he rose from the state of human death.

Do you think Jesus has been the only one who demonstrated the ability to rise from the dead ?  I don’t. There are many books with references to other Ascended Masters.  This time of year is a great reminder that what Jesus demonstrated was possible for all and He said we could do more. Please take this in the context of how we live our lives.  We have the opportunity to send out Unconditional Love to everyone we meet.

Celebrate the message of Jesus….Love Your Neighbor as Yourself !  Actually, you are your neighbor so that should be easy….unless you live near a place occupied by what we would label rough people. Then it may not seem so easy.  However, it is no less  important.

Do you need help with adopting the life of being in the state of Unconditional Love?  Call on Jesus to help you. His life demonstrated mastery of Unconditional Love.  He is ready to help….just ask.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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