Once You Know The Source of All Happiness and Peace Is Within, Then You Want To Know How To Be Your Pure Potentiality All The Time

A Course In Miracles You most likely are very familiar with the phrase “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. For me there is nothing like feeling off my game or missing the mark to get me to look deeper as to what is going on.

I have the entire Course of Miracles text, teachers guide and workbook. I also have a number of lessons on audio that I sometimes play when I am walking and running. The lessons in audio often then result in my researching the lesson in text. I then make notes or I may write an article like I am doing now to reinforce for myself that I have a certain level of understanding on a topic.

Many mornings (should be every morning) I start by focusing my attention on messages from The Daily Word and Science of Mind. Today a very strong and clear message was sent to me – one that I know but have not been focusing on. The message is simple: God, the Source of life, love and peace. In my journal I wrote “Within me is all I need to make loving life affirming choices. Within me is all I need to thrive.”

Focusing on this guidance I also felt I was not in alignment with God. I was distracted by a multitude of thoughts mostly in the category of worry which can be accelerated into fear. I went walking and listened to some lessons from A Course In Miracles. The topics included : Separation, Atonement, Fear. These themes are totally in alignment with the book I just read “Outwitting The Devil” by Napoleon Hill. In essence if you are one with God, and with God being the ultimate source of unconditional love, then there is no space for negative thought patterns. When we are one then we see the world differently what that means is we see the truth of creation. “God extended Himself to His creations and imbued them with the same loving Will to create.” ACIM

What I am reminding myself is that I go around God all the time. That is what happens when we worry or are fearful. We create space by no focusing on Oneness. Then this space is filled with stuff that we project. In effect we ignore the truth and power of God which means we do not accept the perfections of God’s creation. If we reconnect with God and be our intended extension of God then we are able to perform miracles. If we are in a state of doubt, fear or both, we cannot perform them.

A Deep Topic

This article only touches the surface and more will be written soon. For now some suggested action items:

1. Feed your body healthy food and drink a lot of filtered water.
2. Exercise
3. Meditate on the lessons here and especially focusing on being One with God. Click Here for one meditation guide.
4. Set your alarm for different times throughout the day to pause, look at where your thoughts are. Focus on God being unconditional love and that love is within you and flows outward from you.
5. Release your attachment to any mistakes from the past – forgive yourself and others.
6. No matter what the situation, there is always something to be grateful for.

My your success exceed your most amazing dreams and desires.

Much Love and Blessings

Steve Pohlit, Founder
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When we continue the thought patterns that result in the feeling of fear, doubt, anxiety, indecision our energy is drained. Rarely do any of these thoughts become reality. Our opportunity is to practice controlling our mind so our mind does not control us. This is no different than physical exercise on a regular basis to become stronger and more fit.

If you feel you are held back by negative emotions I recommend following the getting unstuck program included with this article. All of us are free to choose how we think and use our energy. I choose to move in the direction of the goals I set and not get stuck in a life of quiet desperation which comes from Emerson. I also help others who I coach. Helping others is always the best feeling for me. I hope this helps you.

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Speaking of Getting Stuck, I have been publishing my summary action plan with my latest blog posts on getting unstuck….that comes up next (below.) Manifest Mastermind Members are going to get a complete Guidance Process on this topic.  Click here to start your trial subscription for $1.00

For Your Convenience The Following Is A Getting Unstuck Summary Action Plan

Action Steps for Getting Your Internal Guidance System Unblocked or How To Remove Fear and Other Negative Emotions That Are Blocking Your Progress ( The  biggest benefits to having a coach is guidance on action steps that make a huge difference and accountability for getting them done.  I have 5 openings. If you are interested in more information email me or call me at 727-587-7871.)

1.       Register for the Free Course at Manifest Mastermind and become a member if it is in your budget.

2.       Buy a high quality journal that is leather bound and has high quality paper.

3.       Buy the Daily Word and Science of Mind (Google them)

4.       Buy the Yes Attitude by Jeffrey Gittomer (Amazon)

5.       Have your own resources that will help you. The classic Think and Grow Rich is fantastic as well as all the books by Catherine Ponder, Jerry and Esther Hicks,  Neil Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, Randy Gage and more like them.

6.       Commit to a minimum of 15 minutes each day and ideally 30 -60 minutes reading the Daily Word, Science of Mind and Yes Attitude ( at some point you will finish the Yes Attitude and then replace it . Spend additional time with a book like Think and Grow Rich

7.       Write in your journal the most compelling guidance from any of these resources that you want to focus on and have make a difference in your life. Now you can see why I advise invest in a journal. This is where very valuable thoughts and ideas go.  There are many ways you can use a journal. At a minimum do what I am suggesting. 

8.       Carry the journal with you when possible or note cards from your journal and then when you catch yourself doing or saying something that represents a behavior you are intending to change refer to your journal for guidance. If you are journaling that you are going to take some forward moving action steps each day, write it visualize it as done and take action.

9.       This all takes a commitment, persistence and practice. However you do want to become unstuck don’t you?

10.   Register for my lists. You will be amazed at how great the information is that I send out free of charge. Join this list http://stevepohlit.com   Also http://confidencesuccessblueprint.com 

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A Gift For You: A Inside Exclusive

Today is the anniversary of my arrival here. I am blessed in a number of very special ways.  I talked with my mom and was thanked her and  told her how much I loved her. I experienced a wonderful conversation with my daughter.  Many friends from around the world connected and sent powerful energy.  I am so grateful and I accept and welcome more of the same. In the meantime you can expect to receive an increasing flow of energy from me as I expand and share that with you.

It may seem  unusual to have a mindset to be open to receive. But that is the state God intends for us to be experiencing. God is all giving and all receiving. Think about it. You are here because Divine energy wanted to have a unique experience through you. In return you get to be here… Giving and Receiving.  In giving God gave us the greatest gift which is the Divine Energy of God in us. That is what many of us may not understand or  remember.

My gift for you today is to share with you the substance of what I developed for me and the members of Manifest Mastermind.  What follows is not a standard format. There is none except that each one has action steps.   Also the only omissions are comments that members would know but others may not.  None of those comments in this instance are related to the substance of  Guidance Process 15:  Now you get an inside look.

Guidance Process 15:

Key Reminders:

When you are not seeing your dreams manifest, you may not be respecting the time buffer, you may not be clear on your dominate dreams, you may be blocking your manifestation power. Comments to follow.

There is a lot of material and it may seem like too much to remember. Use the feel good approach. If you are moving in the direction of something that feels good you are in a vibrational match.

Life is intended to be fun. We are intended to understand the polarity of events, the cycle of events and appreciate all experiences.


Divine Source Energy is within all. This is the basis for Guidance Process 6: Oneness.

Let’s go deeper. The definition of Divine Source Energy, the Source, The Field, God and respectfully many other names over the course of time is Love. Reflecting on Love, Unconditional Love led me to publish the site http://unconditionallovehug.com and begin sending that energy often. You may have seen me signing a blog article or email, “Sending You An Unconditional Love Hug” If that feels good to you, adopt it. Send it out.

I have come to appreciate a knowing of Unconditional Love not often discussed in many of the mainstream resources.  On the physical plane we have a tendency to think God has human attributes.  I feel this is very far from the truth. Just look at the Universe and consider that in 2009 we discovered new galaxies. God is unlimited which we cannot comprehend.

We have an opportunity to appreciate this guidance: the energy of God responds to what we command it to do. Take a deep breath and let’s review that again..the energy of God responds to what we command it to do.

We command the energy of God by our thoughts. Now here is the tricky part, we may think we are commanding the energy of God to manifest a particular dream or desire. In reality we are often giving the power to “the thing” and ignoring the power of God.

How can this be you ask? Anytime we are looking outward and focused on a desired outcome and feeling that outcome is the answer we missed it. God is always the answer. When we are driving a car, God is driving the car. When we are drinking water, God is drinking water, when we are holding another, God is holding another. You see, it is God within us that is the reason we can touch, feel, think, smell and do anything and that same energy within us is the energy within all…Oneness.

This is why the words I, Me, My are the most powerful words. I is really God within. There is only one you. There is only one person you can refer to when you say I or Me. The substance of I is God. Thought originates with the Divine. If you think this is nuts, consider all of our cells are replaced in less than a year and this process is ongoing. All cells including our brain cells. Yet we remember, we feel, we reason.

If you study The Moses Code you know the emphasis placed on the power of I AM That, I AM.  This is why it is important to consider how we are using this power. If we say: I am tired or I am sick or some other negative phrase with I AM, the same power that creates all in the Universe is now at work in ways possibly opposite of our intentions.

Heavy stuff…!!

Here is the really great news. Once you get this, then use the power of God within to dismiss all attempts by outer experiences to create fear, doubt and limited beliefs.  “Be Silent” is the command to these experiences.

The flip of that is to command God’s energy to bring you into the arms of God’s Unconditional Love, Happiness, Intelligence. Command God’s energy to bring to you your dreams and desires.

I know the idea of commanding God can be a really challenging belief. Look at the Law of Attraction which advises us  to be vibrationally in alignment with that which you want to manifest. That is a more user friendly way of advising us to command the energy of God. When we command the energy of God we are absolutely in alignment with that energy and that power can only respond …. unless we let the outer power of fear, doubt, disbelief block it and it can.

How can there be any blocks? That is one of the topic of Guidance Process 16.

Action Steps:

  1. Make sure you begin using right now the command “Be Silent” whenever you experience the first evidence of any fear, doubt, limiting belief. Follow that command with “I AM radiating the Divine Light of peace, harmony and abundance.’

  2. Repeating the guidance to begin your spiritual/self-development ritual. At a minimum set aside 15 minutes in the morning. If you can’t find 15 start with 5. You will be amazed at how you will want to find more time once you start. Use your Manifest Mastermind Treasure Chest for this work. Expand your ritual to include different periods during the day for 5 minutes or so to reflect on key principles you want to become more automatically in you.

I Appreciate You!

Sending You An Unconditional Love Hug,

Steve Pohlit

Manifest Mastermind

From Neale Donald Walsch: Fear

On this day of your life, Steve, I believe God wants you to know…

…that there is no need to be afraid.
Even if you were to
die right now, there would be no need to be afraid.

This life, this wonderful life, is on your side. This universe,

this wonderful universe, is in your corner, supporting all

of life. This God, this wonderful God, places Divine

wisdom and power in your hands.

Trust that. Use it. And let it give you strength. Right now.

This day.

You know exactly why you received this message at

this moment, don’t you…?

Love, Your Friend….

This particular message is based on the guidance offered in Conversations With God Book 1 and in his book Home With God. Home With God is particularly excellent for expanding our understanding of physical life and death. Moving past fear of physical death is very liberating.

You can receive messages just like this from Neale. Visit http://NealeDonaldWalsch.com The registration is free. I look forward to them and I believe you will to.

Sending you an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit
Manifest Mastermind