The Law of Attraction Tells Us Violence, Hate, MSM Distortion Are Strengthening President Trump and Our Country

Manifest Mastermind is not a political platform. So why am I connecting spiritual energy with President Donald Trump and our country? Because this is a tremendous demonstration of the Law of Attraction at work. Whether you agree with our President  or not here is how the Law of Attraction is working for him.

Law of Attraction Fundamental Principle 

What you are for, you get more of and the same is true about what you are against. It is all about where your energetic focus is.  In a the recording on this page  Abraham clearly reminds us of this If you do not want to devote 13 minutes to this marvelous recording let me help you with a shortcut.

he Link To President Donald Trump

What we focus on we attract.  Look at violent protests: ” I am totally against violent protests and protesters”  Going further, we have a war on terror, on illegal drugs, on disease and more You name it and there is a war against it . Every war  we are  against strengthens that what  we oppose. Terrorists, drugs, disease and more have increased dramatically. 

The Law of Attraction says the Universe delivers what we are focused on So if we are focused on violence or harmful drugs we get more of what we don’t want because the Universe does not discriminate It delivers what we are focused on. We do not want more hate – we get more hate because the interpretation by the Universe is you are in alignment with ” I don’t want more hate” Can you see that?

Let’s Look At the Haters

The violence, destruction of property and in an increasing number of instances there is death of everyday people and law enforcement.  What this energy is doing is saying “we hate you, we do not want you, we do not want Donald Trump, we do not  want this government.” Guess what happens – all they do not want is becoming stronger because that is how  The Law of Attraction works.  Donald Trump is becoming stronger because of the increase energy from those opposite him. Can you see how that is working?

Shift Our Focus

Here is an example that most can relate to.  In 1971 President Nixon declared a war on cancer and set up the National Cancer Institute. At that time the rate of cancer was 1 in 13.  Today the rate of cancer depending on the type can be as high as 1 in 3.  Turning it around, if our  entire focus was on health we would be attracting more information on causes and solutions for prevention.  Personally I am in the space of solutions for causes of health issues and people in that space with me are seeing fantastic progress.

Back to Trump – if the haters and those in the media distorting the truth would focus their attention on what they are for they are likely to start experiencing what they want. I don’t think that will happen because I see very little evidence of the left even knowing having any coherent agenda . There entire focus seems to be on what they don’t want.

Another example: a person who is in financial difficulty often is fixated on needing more money and it is common to be in a state of fear. The fear can be about not having basic food, shelter and more. That fear and wanting is creating more fear and wanting. When a person shifts their focus to abundance, the Universe responds. I know this is easy to write and not easy to do.  Anything we don’t want can be shifted to what we do intend to experience. It requires us to watch how we feel and move our thought to the outcome we intend to experience. Abraham talks about this in the recording on this page.

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Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind