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Neale1I am still surprised. With all the people he is connected with on line and in person, Neale Donald Walsch devoted some time to my question and actually wrote a very detailed reply.

This conversation took place in his site CWG Connect. Click Here to check it out Also be sure to visit his page Neale Donald Walsch. I post occasionally the messages titled “I Believe God Wants You To Know” which are fantastic. You can register for these at his site and there is no charge. You can also follow what he is Tweeting there. Click Here to visit his site.

CWGConnectMy Conversation With Neale Donald Walsch

Steve Pohlit Asked:

I love the expansion to understanding from forgiveness. Neale you have a TV video on Forgiveness that is fantastic.

For now, I am not connecting with the message that all actions are an act of love. I understand the point that from God’s view of us there is nothing to forgive as God just knows that some of the things we do are just because of who we are as individuals and collectively.

However, how are the most distorted acts committed in the category of acts of love? Isn’t it true that anyone acting out of ethics (the greatest good) does things to get caught so they are stopped? If this is so how can the distorted act be an act of love?

Is this view from the point we are individual manifestations of God and as such there is nothing that can be done that is not an act of love? How do we reconcile this with our physical experiences of distorted acts like mass murder, rape of a child and so on. Thank you for all you do and your wisdom.

Neale Donald Walsch Answered

Dear Steve…I know and understand…I realize and deeply appreciate…that this is an extremely difficult concept for us humans to embrace. Yet CWG assures us that there is but One Essential Energy in the Universe – it might be called the ‘Stem Cell’ of the Universe – and this undifferentiated energy is called, in our language, Love.

It is true that some people do what we call bad things just to get caught. Yet even this is a distorted act of love. Look to see why they want to get caught and you will discover what it is they love.

Even the most horrible acts of human beings are foundationed in love. These deeds are horrific distortions and misunderstandings of love and of how to express it, but they are, nevertheless, based at their root in love.

This does not in any way condone or excuse the many terrible and deeply damaging things that some human beings have done to others…but it does help us understand them.

When we understand why the robber robs, why the killer kills, why the rapist rapes, we move one step closer…not to absolving these kinds of crimes against humanity, but certainly to reducing, and ultimately, eliminating them.

The key questions that a highly evolved society is invited to ask: (1) What is it that you love so much that you feel you have to hurt another in order to get it or to keep it? (2) If you could find another way to get or keep what you love so much, would you do it? The answer in almost every case (except, perhaps, in the instance of the person who is deeply mentally challenged and imbalanced) would be “yes.”

Yet if a person did not love something desperately – almost, one might say, insanely – they would never do insane things to get or keep it.

Our opportunity on this planet – first, with ourselves, then with others – is to fully understand who we are, what love is, and how to express it completely, without distortion of any kind, but in its perfect sense.

Even to love somebody conditionally is to express love with a distortion. For pure love – that is, God’s love – is unconditional.

May You Accept All God’s Blessings That Are Being Showered Upon You
Steve Pohlit, Founder
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Founder Manifest Mastermind, International Business, Real Estate and Life Coach