Neal Donald Walsch Writes : I’ll Go First

I Believe God Wants You To Know

On this day of your life,
 I believe God wants you to know…
…that on this day will you have an opportunity to attend
your own campaign.

You are invited by life to elect yourself a Spiritual
Leader, and to take office today. What does a
spiritual leader say? A spiritual leader does not say,
“Follow me.” A spiritual leader says, “I’ll go first.”

Decide today to take the oath: I promise to “go first”
in demonstrating forgiveness, compassion, understanding,
generosity, kindness, cheerfulness, positivity, and love.

Love,  Your Friend …

Neale Donald Walsch

Steve Pohlit, Founder

When You Feel You Have A Problem…You Are Blocking Love

Founder: Manifest Mastermind, Confidence Success Blueprint, International Business and Real Estate Investment Coach/Consultant

I have devoted and entire site to Unconditional Love. That happened as a result of focusing on the definition of God that made the most sense for me.  God is Unconditional Love.  For me it is impossible for God to be anything else.

In a recent conversation with a  new friend who lives in the Southwest, he described the work he does with young people in his church. His belief system became very clear to me and accented the difference between Spiritual and Religious. I was born and raised in the Catholic Church and like other religions there is a view that God is a distinct entity. Throughout history humans have associated God (regardless of the label) with a being. My view is consistent with those who view God as the Divine Energy that is the source of all.  The book series Conversations With God explains this in very easy to understand terms.

Conversations With God and other books written by Neale Donald Walsch are not the first writings to advocate the nature of God as Divine Energy at the Source of all including each one of us. I am a student of The I Am Discourses.  This morning in Vol 17 I read the following:

” Law of Love: this is the Law of Perfection and Authority….and it will never be anything else. It doesn’t change if you refuse to let through.  Allow it to work through you and the problems of mankind are solved…….Your problems are only little places where Love has not yet grown as a permanent plant in your world – a Permanent Blessing and a Reservoir of Power that is ready to serve you, that always produces perfection; that always dissolves every problem and always leaves you at Peace in the Happiness of Eternal Perfection.”

I hope this resounds as deeply with you as it does with me.

Action Steps

There is new material I am releasing for all members as a guide to making Love a permanent plant.

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Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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There Are Just Two Masters…Which One Do You Serve?

When life events that are opposite of what I intend to create happen, my mind begins goes into the electronic memory archive and begins to furiously search for reasons why and solutions.  This can be pretty intense and result in all sorts of negative feelings which only fuel the process. Fortunately as a result of following what I suggest in articles at this site and in the Guidance Processes issued to members, I begin to visualize inspiration coming to me that restores balance and moving forward purpose.

Today I thought of a recording I have of a very special event that was held in 2008 for a private group. I was not there. However I received this recording as a gift from the event organizer in connection with a book release.  Very few people have this recording and  I would not be surprised if most who have it have forgotten it. I have not and while I do not have authorization to share it with you I can share a key point of guidance from that weekend seminar.

In summary, we either serve memory or inspiration.  Memory is the data bank of everything we carry with us including that which is in our DNA. Some of us know that this data bank goes way back in time to our prior lives which can be a huge number.  Most of us react, reflect and devote energy to sifting and sorting through this maze of memory and react based on our historical experiences.  There is an alternative which is to serve inspiration. This means we energetically clear memory and focus on inspired creation.

I have a group on Facebook named Deliberate Creation and a Facebook Page named Law of Attraction Action. This are based on my belief we can deliberately create our experiences as opposed to going through life and seeing what happens.  There is considerable attention paid to this in numerous publications including Deliberate Creation by Abraham Hicks and Conversations With God. The two masters of memory and inspiration are directly connected to the profound understanding for me that I Am Responsible.  I have written about that on numerous occasions.

How Can You Clear or Clean Memory?

What I use can be found at the site The Four Graces.

And Now You Know and So It Is!

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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Let’s Talk About Love

Being on a spiritual journey is wonderful. Each day is an opportunity to discover a new phrase, idea, thought that helps us be in an energy state of happiness, joy, love, prosperity.  Whenever I begin my day by spending time with my marvelous resource books like Conversations With God,  The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, The I Am Discourses or one of many other resources I have invested in, I feel wonderful throughout the day.

Let’s Talk About Love

I am challenged by many experiences.  When I encounter significant obstacles or situations I don’t prefer,  I know all is perfect and remember to send  thoughts of “I Love You” to all situations and to those I connect with. The more I do this, the better I feel. The principle at the source of sending love  is the foundation for another site Unconditional Love Hug.

Let’s Talk About Love

Today I am thinking about all who have devoted much if not all of their lives in pursuit of understanding the nature of Beingness, The Creator, God, Spirit.  It recently occurred to me  that God would never intend for our awareness of Our Source to be complex or complicated.  To me that would be incongruent with the nature of God. That would be like a parent withholding essential nourishment from their child.

For me the simplicity of understanding God is amazing.  Yet this knowing has taken me all my life to this point to understand and appreciate. For me God is Unconditional Love and the more I focus on sending the energy of Unconditional Love to all, the more amazing experiences manifest for me….and they will for you as well.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

Events Like The Haiti Earthquake Offer An Opportunity For Expanded Consciousness

When an event occurs like the earthquake that struck Haiti, it is common to hear questions like “Why did God do this?”  or “What are the people there doing to attract such an event?”  Is God punishing Haiti? Personally I have reflected a great deal on this earthquake and other situations as or more severely opposite of what we judge to be wonderful. If you want to research guidance on this topic, I recommend Book 1 Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch

Before addressing  these and similar questions, I want to clearly say, my Unconditional Love goes out to all and especially people anywhere who are experiencing particularly difficult situations. Following this message, I am republishing an email I received from Jeff Johnson on how to find organizations mobilizing to help the people of Haiti. Jeff is a very experienced internet marketer who has an excellent reputation as an ethical professional.

Did God strike Haiti? No!  Did the people of Haiti attract the earthquake?  Not consciously. Did the people of the world attract the earthquake? Not consciously. Did God create earthquakes ?  God created the Law of Resistance and gave us free will. Resistance is essential for expansion and our use of free will creates all of our experiences.  We use our free will to decide on how we respond to anything. Is God punishing Haiti? No, God is Unconditional Love.

Resistance results in the earth acting the way it does. We have a choice in how we react to events we label disasters and, in fact all outer experiences. We use our free will to create our individual experiences or react.   Society reacts to an earthquake, to a bombing, or some other concentrated use of energy in a way that destroys something we are used having in out life  including people.  Society accepts many situations that are even more destructive on a collective scale.

Why did an earthquake  strike Haiti?  Beyond a scientific explanation of how earthquakes occur, the forces of individual and collective consciousness in our lifetime and throughout the course of history seem to be beyond our intended level of understanding at this point in time. Rather that spending priceless thought energy on why, we are better served by accepting what is as actually part of the perfect order of how things work on the physical plane and then take action to help as best we can.

People coming together to help Haiti is natural. Compassion is part of us. In the US, three presidents, two of whom have disaster recovery experience came together and stood as one demonstrating collective leadership to bring relief to people suffering.  Charitable organizations have sprung into action. Less than honorable organizations have also been activated. In that regard here is the email from Jeff on one source for finding an organization you may feel comfortable donating resources to help.

Sending you and all an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit
Manifest Mastermind

From Jeff Johnson to Steve Pohlit

The recent earthquake in Haiti has caused a level of devastation
that I hope most us will never have to suffer through in our

I knew I wanted to help but I didn’t know which charity, or
charities, would put my donation to the best use.

Fortunately I found a report on CNN news that recommended a
site that actually helps you make your choice.

The site is called “Charity Navigator” and it provides an overview
of a dozen or so charities that are currently active in the Haitian
relief efforts.

In their own words:

” Here are a few of our 3 and 4-star charities responding to the
crisis along with a synopsis of their plans. Each of these
charities has a history of working on massive disasters and/or of
working in Haiti”

So if you’d like to help those in need in Haiti but don’t know
where to turn for more “unbiased” information…

Check out Charity Navigator for Haitian Relief Programs:

Jeff  Johnson

When Forgiveness, Gratitude and Everything You Believe In Does Not Seem To Make Any Difference

In reading Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch, I began to develop a view of the Universe through the eyes of Divine Source Energy, the eyes of God. I understood that there are no events that are judged by God. We judge them and conclude some events feel good and others don’t.

In Manifest Mastermind, we learn about the principles behind manifesting our dreams. We learn about and are given tools to help us We turn to our Private Community for additional guidance and support. When we apply ourselves to awareness, knowing, beingness  it is natural to conclude we should see very strong evidence of progress . It is natural for us to conclude the intensity and frequency of life situations that we not only don’t prefer but that are direct opposite of who we are should diminish.

All of that thinking is human ego at work. God has no time line and all events are perfect whether we like them or not. God in Conversations With God, advises many things.  Today there are two messages from that are resounding within me.

1. Are you prepared for the attacks when you stand up for the Truth?
2. When you experience reality that you don’t prefer, create a new reality.

Today I say to you I stand for God and authenticity. I tell you I could not imagine nor anticipate the level of certain attacks that have occurred . But what I stand for and represent is unshakable and will always be so . Today I also say to you I have already begun to create a new reality.

Manifest Mastermind’s  mission is to help you manifest your dreams and desires as defined by you.

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Sending you an “Unconditional Love Hug”

May God Bless All In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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