Attitude Is Everything

This video is about 3 minutes. It has seven rules for a positive, productive energetic attitude. You encouraged to comment and share the link to this page like I am with you.

For your convenience I am listing the 7 Rules Write them in a journal, on a sheet of paper and post it where you can see it everyday until these seven points become part of who you are. Your life will change and you will shift your energy to where you are manifesting your dreams and desires.

7 Rules For A Positive Energetic Productive Attitude

1. Wait To Worry: More than 90% of what we worry about never comes true.
2. Keep an Attitude of Gratitude – count your blessings, express your gratitude
3. Your Health is Your Wealth – without good health all else is meaningless
4. Joy Boomerangs – lift someone else up and see what happens to you
5. Learn to Say No – There is a limit to our time and energy
6. Understand the Power of Discipline – If you discipline yourself today you will enjoy yourself more tomorrow
7. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Sending you an unconditional love hug

Steve Pohlit, founder
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Who Is In Control?

Did you wake up today feeling ON TOP of YOUR World and FULL of ENERGY?

Who is in control of your energy?

Who is in control of your thoughts?

Who decides how you feel?

Who controls your mood?

Who controls what you eat and drink?

Who controls how you manage your time?

Who controls what you say?

Who controls who you love?

Who communicates with people and sets the tone and pace for those communications?

Who controls and decides what you DO?

Who controls what you attract?

Who is the ONE person who is always there when something happens to you, for you, and around you ?



That’s WHO!

Did you know that ATTITUDE controls 93% of physical health and well being?
Only 7% is attributed to diet, food, exercise, and all the physical stuff!

The ONE THING that no one else can control unless you ALLOW them to is ATTITUDE!

Attitude is measurable by your energy. If you are not in a good head space go for a WALK RIGHT NOW and GIVE YOURSELF A CHECK UP FROM THE NECK UP! Change your Attitude and your Energy will shift. DO some Jumping Jacks and OXYGENATE your blood! Find and watch a GREAT VIDEO on YOUTUBE. Laugh. Put on some music and dance. Honky Tonk Women by the Stones is right here on MM and it will definitely raise your ENERGY!


The only limits or boundaries are the ones we set for ourselves. We may have our reasons for doing so at times. So KNOW THIS...ONLY YOU are in control of how you FEEL today all day. Do not give your power away or allow others to be in control of your energy. DECIDE how you want to feel and then FEEL the AMAZING and AWESOME BEING that YOU ARE.

I AM. Two very powerful words. Choose how you use them on purpose!

~~~~THANK YOU~~~

* *~I Love You~ Joyous~ Amazing* *  * * Light Beings * * * *

Alexandra Barrett

Thank you Alexandra for this wonderful message. I am grateful for this wisdom and you.

Sending you the energy of peace, happiness, prosperity with an Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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