God, Prayer and Manifesting – Creating

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God is Not Physical!

Let that set in for awhile and when you think that is not true consider the  Universes – yes plural.  The Universes including all that we experience on this planet and all that we know about The Field are physical.  God cannot be comprehended because we cannot comprehend something not physical creating something physical.

God Is Everywhere!

That may or may not be true.  If God wants to be everywhere then God as the source of all creation is everywhere. The point is that while I don’t know if it is true that God is everywhere, I do know that I am with God whenever I want to be.  What does that mean? It means that since I am a spirit an entity created by God and I know I am an individual manifestation of God then I am God and God is me.  This is true for you.

What Is The Point?  Well this is the point: prayer is connecting with God and knowing God is the creator —knowing God is always there —knowing as spirit we can create as God creates.  Jesus is known by many as the Son of God. Some believe He died for our sins. I believe you and I are a Son (or daughter) of God and we are intended to understand that Jesus (and others like Him) demonstrated what is possible for us to do including raising from he dead and ascending. (Research Ascended Masters)

godPrayer and Manifestation

See I didn’t forget the title of this presentation.  Prayer then is the total certainty that God is the creator and prayer is being in alignment with the God ” I Am One With God”  Now can you see that when you are One with God You are One with Creation and you are then positioned to manifest your intention.

Now How Do You Get Into The State of Being One With God? 

I am not holding back but it is that question which has led to the creation of Manifest Mastermind and now soon to be launched Manifest Mastermind University. Be sure you are on our email list here so you are the first to know and first to receive many gifts by being the first through the doors of Manifest Mastermind University. While you are patiently waiting for the launch of Manifest Mastermind University, have a seat, place your feet on the floor, hand on your lap palms up, close your eyes, take a deep breath begin to relax into the picture of being one with God. Maybe the image is one of blending with an amazing light or a physical image you prefer. God is fine with you imaging God however you like. It is not about the image, it is about the knowing you are One with the Creator.

My your success exceed your most amazing dreams and desires.

Much Love and Blessings

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind 


Love These Powerful Affirmations

Thank you Eugene Holden with the World Ministry of Prayer as published in the January edition of Science of Mind Magazine for these Powerful Affirmations


There is only one life , one presence, and one power – the power of God, created in the image of God, my life is propelled by the same power that created the universe. I live from the power of God.

Live Abundantly

All of my needs are met now. I live from the overflow of divine prosperity. I live abundantly because I am the abundant expression of the Most High

Unconditional Love

I love myself no matter what. I love all that I do. I love each person who comes into my conscious awareness. I am the unconditional love of God, generously sharing love with all. (for more on Unconditional Love please visit Unconditional Love Hug 


Resting  in the awareness of the One, I am at peace. Nothing can shake me from this peace at the center of my being. I peacefully live in joy and gratitude. I am at peace ; I know that all is well

Sending you and Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind
Manifest Mastermind University

Incredible Out of Body Story of Ian McCormick – An Atheist Clinically Dead and Returns

This is the story of Ian McCormick, atheist, who was clinically dead for 20 minutes. He returned to this world to share his incredible experience. Watch to here him describe what really cannot be described and learn why he returned. I discovered this from a post on Facebook which led me to a page from Western Journalism Click Here for the original link

May your personal and business prosperity exceed your most amazing dreams and desires.

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind
Manifest Mastermind University

Power Affirmation From The Daily Word

I frequently publish my “Getting Unstuck” road map and one of the resources I recommend is The Daily Word The following is from a recent article:

Power Affirmation From The Daily Word

Unity Daily WordI Am Divine Energy—I Am Unstoppable

As I move through my day, I often forget about the Power within me and all. I did not fully learn and understand the Divine Energy that I Am until later in my life. In order to be that which we awaken to, it is important to study and live the principles we learn.

Join me today in more info

focusing on the Power and Energy within. The same Power and Energy that created all. Let’s reach inward to access this Divine Wisdom and Energy. When we focus on drawing upon this Power, we unleash our full potential. This Power is the Energy of the Universe and is unstoppable. Now you know and all we do is allow that energy to guide us and fuel us.

May Your Success Exceed Your Most Amazing Dreams!

Steve Pohlit
Founder, Manifest Mastermind

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We Are Always Connected

SourceYou are always connected to Source. Wherever you are, wherever you go, you are always connected to Divine Wisdom, Divine Intelligence, and Divine Love.

Neale Donald Walsh Click Here for more from Neale. I love his messages, his books and the impact his work is making on the world.


If you feel you are held back by negative emotions I recommend following the getting unstuck program included with this article. All of us are free to choose how we think and use our energy. I choose to move in the direction of the goals I set and not get stuck in a life of quiet desperation which comes from Emerson. I also help others who I coach. Helping others is always the best feeling for me. I hope this helps you.


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For Your Convenience The Following Is A Getting Unstuck Summary Action Plan

Action Steps for Getting Your Internal Guidance System Unblocked or How To Remove Fear and Other Negative Emotions That Are Blocking Your Progress ( The  biggest benefits to having a coach is guidance on action steps that make a huge difference and accountability for getting them done.  I have 5 openings. If you are interested in more information email me or call me at 727-587-7871.)

1.       Register for the Free Course at Manifest Mastermind and become a member if it is in your budget.

2.       Buy a high quality journal that is leather bound and has high quality paper.

3.       Buy the Daily Word and Science of Mind (Google them)

4.       Buy the Yes Attitude by Jeffrey Gittomer (Amazon)

5.       Have your own resources that will help you. The classic Think and Grow Rich is fantastic as well as all the books by Catherine Ponder, Jerry and Esther Hicks,  Neil Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, Randy Gage and more like them.

6.       Commit to a minimum of 15 minutes each day and ideally 30 -60 minutes reading the Daily Word, Science of Mind and Yes Attitude ( at some point you will finish the Yes Attitude and then replace it . Spend additional time with a book like Think and Grow Rich

7.       Write in your journal the most compelling guidance from any of these resources that you want to focus on and have make a difference in your life. Now you can see why I advise invest in a journal. This is where very valuable thoughts and ideas go.  There are many ways you can use a journal. At a minimum do what I am suggesting. 

8.       Carry the journal with you when possible or note cards from your journal and then when you catch yourself doing or saying something that represents a behavior you are intending to change refer to your journal for guidance. If you are journaling that you are going to take some forward moving action steps each day, write it visualize it as done and take action.

9.       This all takes a commitment, persistence and practice. However you do want to become unstuck don’t you?

10.   Register for my lists. You will be amazed at how great the information is that I send out free of charge. Join this list http://stevepohlit.com   Also http://confidencesuccessblueprint.com 

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Law of Attraction Reminder: Vibrational Match

law of attraction vibrational matchThe importance of vibrational match cannot be emphasized or understood enough. The goal is to be in a vibrational match with what you want to experience. This process starts with being grateful for all that you are, all of your experiences and all that you have.

The vibrational match continues by being clear as to your ideal scene and being in alignment with that all you intend to experience. All that you intend to manifest is already there for you and is responding to your desire. When there is a match you experience the physical reality.

In order for you to experience a vibrational match you need good energy which means being healthy; it means focusing on your ideal scene which means meditating on that and feeling the experience of living it. Be committed to manifesting very clearly defined goals. Focus on being in a vibrational match with them then relax and have a good time.

From The Daily Word

“Christ within me is the essence of my being and is viewing me with love, wisdom, power and faith. When I think, speak and act from my spiritual center I have access to all that I need to meet challenges and overcome obstacles. As I focus on the power of Jesus and God within me I release all thoughts of worry and fear. I am secure knowing that what is mine to do will be revealed and all is in perfect order.”

“The only time you should look back in life is to see how far you’ve come. Kevin Hart.”

Affirm I look toward a bright future from an empowered present moment. I start in the now and create my best future from a conscious of love and joy. (From Science of Mind)

In closing, remember the consciousness of love and joy results from a state of gratitude and creating the best future comes from being a vibrational match with what you are intending to experience.

Sending You Universal Energy of Great Health and Prosperity in All Areas of Your Life,

Steve Pohlit

The Law of Deliberate Creation – Creating The Future

the futureCreating the Future

Use the past for lessons. For example we learn math. Math serves us. We don’t release the lessons of math – we release the experience of not applying ourselves to learning as best we can and start anew today to continue our learning. We release our patterns of eating and being sedentary that do not serve our optimal health and begin anew to develop a lifestyle that is congruent with the picture of youthful energy.

Create the future by defining what that means for you then take action in the present moment in mind, body and spirit to achieve that. Be supported by like minded people. Release those who are negative and who bring you down. Release means total disconnect.

When we fill our being with the pictures of what we are creating then there is no room for dwelling on the past. That is one of the secrets and there is more which will be discussed at a later time.

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

The Law of Deliberate Creation – A Practical Formula

Its-in-your-handsOne belief is that what we did yesterday creates our experiences today. That is true for me if I allow it. If is the operative word. As we know the every second that passes is just that – gone forever. Every present moment is an opportunity to create what we experience in a future moment. For example, if I decide to eat a bowl of ice cream, the present moment may feel good. The future moments are affected by the sugar spike, the empty calories and fat I consumed.

Enjoy the present moment. All the joy of the Universe is here for us in the present moment. At the same time make decisions that allow for feeling great, being great in the future moments. That is the formula for serving ourselves and the greater good. We cannot be good for anyone else unless we are first good for ourselves.

A Simple Easy To Follow Formula For Starting Anew Each Day and Each Moment

1. Gratitude – be grateful for all you are and all you are experiencing
2. Forgive – forgive yourself and all for the mistakes of the past
3. There is more – for now focus on 1 and 2 and feel the difference.

For Your Success
Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind