Your Daily Peace of Mind – The 6 Phase Meditation

This infographic is based on the core meditation from the Envisioning Method, a daily practice designed by Mindvalley Founder, Vishen Lakhiani. The 6 Phase Meditation is a distillation of hundreds of books on personal growth and is designed to create the most remarkable transformation in your state of being — in the shortest amount of time. – See more at:


12 Steps to Thrive

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Founder Manifest Mastermind, International Business, Real Estate and Life Coach
Founder Manifest Mastermind, International Business, Real Estate and Life Coach
Steve Pohlit, Founder

Every Day, Every Moment Is A New Beginning

Thank you Neale Donald Walsch

On this day of your life,
Steve, I believe God wants you to know…
…that every day is a new beginning, and that nothing
from yesterday has to affect who you are today.

It does no good at all to bemoan what you may have
done on a day prior to today — or even, for that matter,
a moment ago. You don’t have to carry that into the
Present Moment, nor is your guilt about it going to do
you any good at good.

Simply resolve to become a different version of your
self right here, right now. Use yesterday to inspire
tomorrow, not to discourage it.

You know exactly why you just got this message.

Love,  Your Friend …



On this day of your life,
 I believe God wants you to know…
…that any frustration you have is simply the result of
wrong thinking.

If you were thinking rightly you could not possibly
imagine that anything was going ‘wrong.’ You would
know that nothing in the Universe is working against
you. By definition, given Who You Are,
this is impossible.

Move, then, to gratitude when you encounter your
frustrations. And see every event as an Opportunity.

Love,  Your Friend




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Attitude Is Everything

This video is about 3 minutes. It has seven rules for a positive, productive energetic attitude. You encouraged to comment and share the link to this page like I am with you.

For your convenience I am listing the 7 Rules Write them in a journal, on a sheet of paper and post it where you can see it everyday until these seven points become part of who you are. Your life will change and you will shift your energy to where you are manifesting your dreams and desires.

7 Rules For A Positive Energetic Productive Attitude

1. Wait To Worry: More than 90% of what we worry about never comes true.
2. Keep an Attitude of Gratitude – count your blessings, express your gratitude
3. Your Health is Your Wealth – without good health all else is meaningless
4. Joy Boomerangs – lift someone else up and see what happens to you
5. Learn to Say No – There is a limit to our time and energy
6. Understand the Power of Discipline – If you discipline yourself today you will enjoy yourself more tomorrow
7. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Sending you an unconditional love hug

Steve Pohlit, founder
Manifest Mastermind
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Worry Examined

When we are present we create our next moment. When we are not present our past creates our next moment which then means we are not controlling our experience. Worry is camping out somewhere in the past or possibly even multiple scenes from the past and projecting some imaginary outcome that is negative as possible coming true.

worryOn this site and in my book Building Business Profits Fast I have discussed what I like to call The Three Pillars – Health, Relationships and Money. When I examine worry my thoughts fall into one or more of those three areas. When I look closer I see I am remembering past events and thinking there will be a repeat. When I really look at past events that didn’t happen as I would have liked, I see I was not considering the data – the facts that were available to me. I see that I relied on other people’s experiences and opinions. I didn’t apply a formula for a successful outcome. When I look at worry I realize how much I was taught how to worry by other people. Going into my childhood, everyone I knew worried and as life progressed I became aware of everyone I got to know being worried about something. So I developed the habit of worry. I thought this is natural.

Worry Is Not Natural, Worry Is Not Required, Worry Is Definitely Not Healthy

If you have been following my articles and the resources of others in the self development field you probably know your body does not distinguish between and actual experience and an imagined one. So when you worry you body is reacting as if what you are worrying about is actually happening. That is what some call a stress reaction.

Worry Is Created by Your Thoughts That You Control and So Can Be Dismissed By Your Decision To Do So. How Do You Stop Worrying?

Do you think the Divine Energy that is the Source of all we experiences worry?
Do you think the Divine Source of all creation sees all that was, all that is and all that we are manifesting as already there and if so then the outcome is known and there is nothing to worry about?
Do you know you are a individual manifestation of God and you have no no reason to worry?
Do you think that just because you are not to worry that you are intended to just sit there and do nothing?
Do you think that by focusing on this moment and creating the next you are being the manifest mastermind you are intended to be?

Do you understand that worry is not a God created action and in fact God gave us all the guidance for not worrying including many passages in the bible. So while I am not a bible scholar there is a message that says in effect – take this burden for awhile while I get my head back on straight and then I can continue to deal with it with your strength guiding me – you see the power in that message? Do you see the resource for you if you feel you are in a dark hour of this life?

Being Stuck In The Past Is Insanity

Where we focus our attention is a choice. So let’say you are thinking you are focused on where you are going and not where you have been. Great but then you look at the results and say – hey wait a minute I a stuck. Good now you recognize the situation and can address that and move forward. So how do you do that? Happy you asked!

The Answer Is Production – a topic of the next article. In the meantime message me if you have questions. Remember I offer a complimentary coaching session. Click Here To Prepare.


I frequently publish my “Getting Unstuck” road map and one of the resources I recommend is The Daily Word The following is from a recent article:

Power Affirmation From The Daily Word

UnityDailyWord Power Affirmation From The Daily Word I Am Divine Energy—I Am Unstoppable

As I move through my day, I often forget about the Power within me and all. I did not fully learn and understand the Divine Energy that I Am until later in my life. In order to be that which we awaken to, it is important to study and live the principles we learn.

Join me today in focusing on the Power and Energy within. The same Power and Energy that created all. Let’s reach inward to access this Divine Wisdom and Energy. When we focus on drawing upon this Power, we unleash our full potential. This Power is the Energy of the Universe and is unstoppable. Now you know and all we do is allow that energy to guide us and fuel us.

May Your Success Exceed Your Most Amazing Dreams!

Steve Pohlit
Founder, Manifest Mastermind

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So You Say You Want To Be Happy, Prosperous, Healthy – Take a Look

Now ask yourself – are you following the steps that have been shown to you or do you remain blind.

And so you ask me

What steps

Start with the free course here or start with your own library of resources! Are you Starting?

Sending You An Unconditional Love Hug


Founder, Manifest Mastermind

Neale Donald Walsch Asks – What Is Important In Life

(I love the daily “I Believe God Wants You To Know” messages from Neale Donald Walsch. I am sure you will too. Register free at Here is my message for today:

When You Awoke This Morning What Was The First Think On Your Mind
When You Awoke This Morning What Was The First Think On Your Mind

On this day of your life, Steve, I believe God wants you to know…


…that what is important in your life is what you decide is important —

and this decision will indelibly create who you are.


When you awoke this morning, what was the first thing

on your mind? On your list of Things To Do, what is #1?

As you contemplate your current priorities, is there a person

at the top, or is it some kind of doingness …?


Only you can know what is catching your attention,

what is calling to you for your energy.

Yet you can ask yourself a key question…


Where is love in all of this?


Love, Your Friend….



Sending You Universal Energy of Great Health and Prosperity in All Areas of Your Life,


Steve Pohlit

Law of Attraction Reminder: Vibrational Match

law of attraction vibrational matchThe importance of vibrational match cannot be emphasized or understood enough. The goal is to be in a vibrational match with what you want to experience. This process starts with being grateful for all that you are, all of your experiences and all that you have.

The vibrational match continues by being clear as to your ideal scene and being in alignment with that all you intend to experience. All that you intend to manifest is already there for you and is responding to your desire. When there is a match you experience the physical reality.

In order for you to experience a vibrational match you need good energy which means being healthy; it means focusing on your ideal scene which means meditating on that and feeling the experience of living it. Be committed to manifesting very clearly defined goals. Focus on being in a vibrational match with them then relax and have a good time.

From The Daily Word

“Christ within me is the essence of my being and is viewing me with love, wisdom, power and faith. When I think, speak and act from my spiritual center I have access to all that I need to meet challenges and overcome obstacles. As I focus on the power of Jesus and God within me I release all thoughts of worry and fear. I am secure knowing that what is mine to do will be revealed and all is in perfect order.”

“The only time you should look back in life is to see how far you’ve come. Kevin Hart.”

Affirm I look toward a bright future from an empowered present moment. I start in the now and create my best future from a conscious of love and joy. (From Science of Mind)

In closing, remember the consciousness of love and joy results from a state of gratitude and creating the best future comes from being a vibrational match with what you are intending to experience.

Sending You Universal Energy of Great Health and Prosperity in All Areas of Your Life,

Steve Pohlit

My Grown- Up Christmas 2012 Wish List

At First Unity of St.Peterburg this past Sunday,Senior Minister Temple Hayes and Rev. Russell both shared their grown up Christmas wish list which gave me the idea of sharing mine. You can watch the recording of this wonderful service online.

My Wishes

1. First I encourage you to have a dreams list and a dream book or vision board and be very specific as to what your are intending to experience as those dreams manifest on the physical plane.

2. I intend to remember that experiences of our dreams happen when we take action on the messages we are intended to receive.

3. I wish for all to be very grateful for this life and in the most challenging of times we remember we have a purpose for being here and honor the how all life since the chance of any of us being here is beyond our physical comprehension. Each person is a blessing.

4. I wish for all to open our hearts and allow God within to work our gifts of divine wisdom and unconditional love though us and to understand our physical judgement as to solutions for the challenges of the world have not worked.

5. I wish all would read great resources like The Storm Before The Calm, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and Proof of Heaven. Of course those are just three of many outstanding resources that will help expand our awareness and help us become enlightened.

6. I wish for all to know we are One – created by the same energy that created our Universe.

7. I wish for all be a demonstration of Unconditional Love. 

I know by focusing on our own awareness of oneness  and being a demonstration of unconditional love all that we dream of manifesting and experiencing in our lives will come to be.

May All Your Dreams and Desires Be Manifest.


Founder Manifest Mastermind, International Business, Real Estate and Life Coach

Steve Pohlit


Thanksgiving Is Our Being

I love listening to Jim Rohn who often cited the bible starting with the qualification that he was not an expert on interpreting and teaching the bible, but an amateur. Of course if you follow Jim you may conclude as I have that he may be more an expert on interpreting the bible than most biblical scholars.

I am an amateur without a doubt on the bible. However, I did grow up in the Catholic Church and learned a lot about the life of Jesus. Later in life I learned from other spiritual leaders that Jesus absolutely was in tune with the power of God within Him. I believe thee is no what we label as miracles performed where Jesus did not begin before the pausing and calling on His father for the intended result. He knew it was not his physical self healing the sick, feeding the masses with a limited basket of fish and bread or rising from the dead. He thanked God in advance for the outcome he was facilitating.

The lessons from Jesus of thanking God in advance for the intended outcome is a powerful one and possibly the most important reminder for us today. The key is what do we intend to experience? Are we clear as to what we want to experience? Are we coming from an attitude of gratitude when we picture what we intend to manifest?

There is a lot we are aware of that is opposite of the principles of the US Constitution –the country where I live. Those foundation principles are honoring life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. My dear friend Rev. Temple Hayes is the founder of Life Rights. Her mantra is: “The right of all to live their intentions in freedom and peace”

I believe it is in our being to be thankful for who we are, what we are experiencing and the awareness of our potential. I believe it is our responsibility to fully develop our skills and share our time talent and treasure with others.

I find that the following formula works very well for me. That formula is:

1. Be grateful–have a gratitude journal and write in it all the time. Not sure what to be grateful for…well start with you are breathing and somehow reading this. Then no matter how difficult your life might be at this moment, thank God anyway.
2. Follow the getting unstuck formula — read Getting Unstuck

There is more but the above will give you a great start.

Sending you an Unconditional Love Hug and 
the energy for a most marvelous Thanksgiving