Pebbles, Rocks, Rockets

rockets of desire Reciprocity

We have been taught that what we send out comes back to us and we are that. The Law of Attraction – Like Attracts Like – be in the place of what you want to experience. That is the belief and thinking of a victim.

The title of this message reflects the degree of energy that we send out. A pebble represents the majority of thought energy that is part of everyday life for most. Rocks and rockets are increasing degrees of energy that we send out. For example our reaction to a very notable event that we read about or experience personally. Our opportunity then is to be sending out as Abraham says “rockets of desire” We can only do that if we are clear as to what we are intended to create.


When we send out an aggressive negative message does that mean we must become that? Jesus does not agree. He advises that we have a choice as to how we react. Jesus also advises to focus on allowing ourselves to be Christ consciousness. This means allowing our unlimited creation potential to be unblocked by our ego. Of course when we move into the energy of Christ consciousness we are only going to be sending out negative energy when the ego steps in and we allow it to flourish.

Are you intrigued by this message? Then I recommend reading The Way of Mastery. The three book series is influencing me a great deal.


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