GPS for Conscious Creating

GPS for Conscious Creating Pay Attention To The Messages You Are Intended To Receive!

I am not sure where I first heard that.  I might have been in Conversations With God or one of Catherine Ponder’s books.  Regardless it struck a chord with me and I periodically mention it like I am now.  Yesterday at First Unity of St Petersburg I listened to Rev Steven give guidance using GPS as an analogy.  Click on the link if you would like to see the recorded version of his message. I think it starts about about the 30 minute mark. Later that day I received an email from Mike Dooley for a free video series and in the first video Mike also used the analogy of the GPS. Connecting with Mike is very fun and valuable. I have been on his mailing list for quite some time and have purchased most of his books.   Click Here to watch this video.

The GPS take away analogy is very easy to explain understand for most people.  When we are intending to arrive at a specific destination we enter that address into our GPS and then allow that system to guide us along the way.  In our lives we have the opportunity to define a particular outcome  and let God take care of the details. Mike advises us to make this an especially big bold picture of our intended experience.  Both Rev Steven and Mike remind us to take action and when taking action be prepared to adjust our actions based on what we are experiencing.

Personally I am working on a business model now that I never imagined at the start of this year. It is all because I took action and accepted an invite to a meeting earlier this year where I met several incredible people who are now great friends and business partners. Will all of that turn out exactly has I vision it?  Time will tell but already I there have been some surprises I could not have planned.

God Bless


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