“Every thought is an investment with immediate dividends. Invest wisely”

That is a note that I wrote in my Manifest Mastermind Treasure Chest recently and I  think it came from The Daily Word.  That quote is a powerful reminder of The Law of Attraction. You will learn in Manifest Mastermind University that immediate dividends is true. It is also true that we are not always able to connect the dots which means we are not always able to physically see immediate dividends.

What that means is clear when we focus on the definition of dividends. It is true that when we are in a consistent state based on our thoughts we are a powerful magnet.  Just think of those days when life is flowing well, you are smiling, you feel good – think of all the supporting positive experiences you have. Now extend that idea to manifesting a bigger outcome.

Manifest Mastermind University Law of Attraction on SteroidsFleeting thoughts pay little or no dividends. The habitual thought patterns do.  Learn how to create the thought and energy patterns that are in alignment with your dreams and desires. This is a process and involves changing our thought habits. Manifest Mastermind University has been developed with classes, homework and fantastic resources to help you manifest your dreams and desires. Click Here To Pre- Enroll   It is free to enroll.

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