Ask Your Guardian Angels for Help

Ask Guardian Angels for For Help

Your angels love you and want to help you align with more abundance, happiness and health! Remember to Ask For Help! 

Ask For Help ~Guardian Angels

“Your guardian angels are ready to help you with this situation but will not interfere without your permission. Have you asked for help?

To invoke the presence of your guardian angels, simply think or say: “I now invite my highest, best, most loving possible guardian angel to please come in and connect with me now. Assist me in quieting my mind, and elevating my vibration so that I can meet you, and experience your love and guidance.”
Relax, breathe, and focus within. Allow yourself to tune into and feel the presence of your guardian angel, the incredibly loving and powerful spiritual being, who is present with you now. Lifting your energy to meet your guardian angel is a valuable and powerful step on your path of spiritual development.

Enjoy energetically connecting with your guardian angel, who is assisting you in attuning your energy so that it will become more and more effortless for you to link with them in the future. Once you’ve connected with your guardian angel, ask for help. Outline the situation or area of your life where you would like angelic assistance, and then be open to how and when the help appears. After asking, pay attention, look for signs from the angelic realm, and be sure to act upon any guidance you receive on how you can heal or improve your situation.”

~Card Drawn from the Ask Angels Oracle App by Melanie Beckler


Courtesy of Manifest Mastermind 

It’s Time

Letting Go

It’s time…

To let go of the old,

~ And embrace the new

It’s time…

To stop making excuses,

~ And start making changes

It’s time…

To let go of your past,

~ And make a brighter future

It’s time…

To leave what is comfortable and familiar,

~ And explore new worlds and new things

It’s time…

To trust your courage, your strength,

~ And believe in yourself

It’s time…

To spread your wings,


  • ~ Dani’s Writings ~ 2014

Courtesy  Manifest Mastermind