The Law of Deliberate Creation – Creating The Future

the futureCreating the Future

Use the past for lessons. For example we learn math. Math serves us. We don’t release the lessons of math – we release the experience of not applying ourselves to learning as best we can and start anew today to continue our learning. We release our patterns of eating and being sedentary that do not serve our optimal health and begin anew to develop a lifestyle that is congruent with the picture of youthful energy.

Create the future by defining what that means for you then take action in the present moment in mind, body and spirit to achieve that. Be supported by like minded people. Release those who are negative and who bring you down. Release means total disconnect.

When we fill our being with the pictures of what we are creating then there is no room for dwelling on the past. That is one of the secrets and there is more which will be discussed at a later time.

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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