The Law of Deliberate Creation – A Practical Formula

Its-in-your-handsOne belief is that what we did yesterday creates our experiences today. That is true for me if I allow it. If is the operative word. As we know the every second that passes is just that – gone forever. Every present moment is an opportunity to create what we experience in a future moment. For example, if I decide to eat a bowl of ice cream, the present moment may feel good. The future moments are affected by the sugar spike, the empty calories and fat I consumed.

Enjoy the present moment. All the joy of the Universe is here for us in the present moment. At the same time make decisions that allow for feeling great, being great in the future moments. That is the formula for serving ourselves and the greater good. We cannot be good for anyone else unless we are first good for ourselves.

A Simple Easy To Follow Formula For Starting Anew Each Day and Each Moment

1. Gratitude – be grateful for all you are and all you are experiencing
2. Forgive – forgive yourself and all for the mistakes of the past
3. There is more – for now focus on 1 and 2 and feel the difference.

For Your Success
Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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