Confusion and The Law of Stable Data

confusedConfusion can be defined as any set of factors or circumstances which do not seem to have any immediate solution. I love this one ” confusion in this Universe is ransom motion”.

My work is focused on providing valuable guidance that most can understand and implement. The following are examples on how most of us can identify and solve confusion:

1. A person is out of work and begins to be uncertain as to how to proceed. They begin to think there is no work for them or no opportunities. Then one day they begin to focus on one set of stable data “there is an opportunity for me” Now the confusion dissipates and they become focused on taking action that results in the outcome they intended.

2. A person concludes “government programs are not positive and suppressive”. Then they become very ill and have not way of paying for medical care. Government programs help and prevent a personal bankruptcy. This new information becomes their new stable data until they realize these programs are bankrupting the country. Then they enter confusion until they focus on an innovative solution not linked to a government solution.

In a more recent example there was a lot of confusion surrounding a decision to end a joint venture. This decision had huge consequences and these were amplified by one of the parties focusing a lot of energy on the situation. I looked at all of this and chose one thing to focus on that I felt was the truth. Once I did all else in motion was placed in perspective to that one stable datum.

This stable datum is in alignment with my purpose. That will be a topic I address at in another article or more likely a guidance process for members.

Sent to you and all with an Unconditional Love HUg

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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