Connecting With The Divine

Oneness is just that – I Am That – I Am . I am  and you are an individual manifestation of God. If you are not there with me on this belief that is fine. I hope you continue your journey and give this your utmost attention.

The more I melt into Oneness the more I experience the peace, joy and confidence that are what I imagine being the nature of God. I also know there is is much more for me to experience and God wants me and all of us to experience it all. That is our birthright – I not just believe it – I know it.

Here are several examples

1. When I watch or listen to certain music , I leave this world. I am immersed in the joy of the moment. This is one video that will facilitate me changing my state in an instant. This lady’s story and the one that follows is an absolute demonstration of everything I believe, know and coach.  God bless Susan Boyle Thank you Susan because I am totally with the Divine every time I watch this video as I know you are in your life


2. Ranking a video I love as 1 or 2 or 10 is irrelevant. This is a presentation and on the physical plane I am limited by a technology that requires a sequence. This in no way diminishes how this next performance also facilitates me erasing the distractions of this world and feel God. In this video, watch her face – my feeling is she is absolutely with God singing this song. Watch her face at the conclusion it seems to me that she is bringing herself back to the physical plane. It is like “where have I been?” If you think this is a Christmas song then I suggest open you mind to the idea of every day and every night being holy.

What are your Divine connection experiences?

Steve Pohlit, Founder
Manifest Mastermind

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