My Grown- Up Christmas 2012 Wish List

At First Unity of St.Peterburg this past Sunday,Senior Minister Temple Hayes and Rev. Russell both shared their grown up Christmas wish list which gave me the idea of sharing mine. You can watch the recording of this wonderful service online.

My Wishes

1. First I encourage you to have a dreams list and a dream book or vision board and be very specific as to what your are intending to experience as those dreams manifest on the physical plane.

2. I intend to remember that experiences of our dreams happen when we take action on the messages we are intended to receive.

3. I wish for all to be very grateful for this life and in the most challenging of times we remember we have a purpose for being here and honor the how all life since the chance of any of us being here is beyond our physical comprehension. Each person is a blessing.

4. I wish for all to open our hearts and allow God within to work our gifts of divine wisdom and unconditional love though us and to understand our physical judgement as to solutions for the challenges of the world have not worked.

5. I wish all would read great resources like The Storm Before The Calm, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and Proof of Heaven. Of course those are just three of many outstanding resources that will help expand our awareness and help us become enlightened.

6. I wish for all to know we are One – created by the same energy that created our Universe.

7. I wish for all be a demonstration of Unconditional Love. 

I know by focusing on our own awareness of oneness  and being a demonstration of unconditional love all that we dream of manifesting and experiencing in our lives will come to be.

May All Your Dreams and Desires Be Manifest.


Founder Manifest Mastermind, International Business, Real Estate and Life Coach

Steve Pohlit


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