Thanksgiving Is Our Being

I love listening to Jim Rohn who often cited the bible starting with the qualification that he was not an expert on interpreting and teaching the bible, but an amateur. Of course if you follow Jim you may conclude as I have that he may be more an expert on interpreting the bible than most biblical scholars.

I am an amateur without a doubt on the bible. However, I did grow up in the Catholic Church and learned a lot about the life of Jesus. Later in life I learned from other spiritual leaders that Jesus absolutely was in tune with the power of God within Him. I believe thee is no what we label as miracles performed where Jesus did not begin before the pausing and calling on His father for the intended result. He knew it was not his physical self healing the sick, feeding the masses with a limited basket of fish and bread or rising from the dead. He thanked God in advance for the outcome he was facilitating.

The lessons from Jesus of thanking God in advance for the intended outcome is a powerful one and possibly the most important reminder for us today. The key is what do we intend to experience? Are we clear as to what we want to experience? Are we coming from an attitude of gratitude when we picture what we intend to manifest?

There is a lot we are aware of that is opposite of the principles of the US Constitution –the country where I live. Those foundation principles are honoring life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. My dear friend Rev. Temple Hayes is the founder of Life Rights. Her mantra is: “The right of all to live their intentions in freedom and peace”

I believe it is in our being to be thankful for who we are, what we are experiencing and the awareness of our potential. I believe it is our responsibility to fully develop our skills and share our time talent and treasure with others.

I find that the following formula works very well for me. That formula is:

1. Be grateful–have a gratitude journal and write in it all the time. Not sure what to be grateful for…well start with you are breathing and somehow reading this. Then no matter how difficult your life might be at this moment, thank God anyway.
2. Follow the getting unstuck formula — read Getting Unstuck

There is more but the above will give you a great start.

Sending you an Unconditional Love Hug and 
the energy for a most marvelous Thanksgiving


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