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I first learned of James Twyman with the release of his book The Moses Code….absolutely awesome.  The Moses Code shift my entire awareness of I Am.  I am happy to post the details of an email I just received.  James is leading a trip to Assisi this fall and helping an author of a new book The Messiah Within….and now I am helping as well.

I highly recommend the book The Moses Code and I have just downloaded the Kindle version of The Messiah Within and will study that over the next few days.  When finished I will write a post on key points I learned.

Steve Pohlit


The Messiah Within


Two Important Things to Share

A dear friend I’ve been working with for the last year just published her first book, and it’s amazing. Robin Clare asked me to help her create and write “Messiah Within,” and I’m thrilled to see that it’s finally available. There’s more information on this below.

But First…

Assisi in the Fall…Join Me!

Many of you already know that I’m leading a group of pilgrims to Assisi this October for the feast of Saint Francis. We’ll also tour the small villages and countryside of Umbria and Tuscany, getting a real feel for the spirituality of Francis and Clare. If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing this amazing spiritual town, and you’re really spontaneous, I hope you’ll join us. We leave on October 1 and return on October 14. The cost of the journey is only $2300, which has been discounted to let a few more people join us. We had two people drop out, which means there are two unexpected spots available. Want to join us?

Assisi is my favorite place in the world. I really mean that. I’ve been there dozens of times, and consider it my second home. We’ll be joined by my friend Angela Seracchioli who is the creator of The Camino of Saint Francis. She’s also a deep, amazing spiritual light unto herself. We’ll tour in a mini-bus, as well as have several days of light hiking to really get the feel of Italy. Trust me when I tell you that this will change your life.

There are two unexpected spots available. If you’re interested in joining us, send an email right away to: twyman.camino@gmail.com. The first two people who commit will get to come. I hope it’s you!

Also, you can watch my latest film “The Camino of Saint Francis” on my website. It gives you a really good idea of what to expect.


Messiah Within

Did you know that we are divinely guided at all times? My good friend, Robin Clare lived an amazing journey based on this premise, but with one caveat: the divinity that we have been searching for actually resides within each one of us! I encourage you to check out her new book, Messiah Within: A Guide to Embracing Your Inner Divinity.

Here are two ways that you can plan to connect with Robin, so please put them on your calendar – and feel free to invite others to do so too:

1. Purchase Messiah Within online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble or Balboa Press. This will help her build momentum to send out her message globally.

4. Beginning in August and throughout the fall, Robin will lead Messiah Withinworkshops and teleseminars at The ATMA Center – check out www.messiahwithin.com to learn more.

Not sure if you can come “on-board” to help Robin spread the word? You can read an excerpt from Messiah Within, by clicking out to Robin’s blog here: http://robinhclare.authorsxpress.com/

Where did Robin find the courage to write her story and to open herself up to hearing Yeshua’s messages of Oneness and World Peace? Could the answer to achieving global Oneness and World Peace actually lay within you and me? The answers can be found within her book.

Enjoy your summer!

James Twyman

Time with Temple- Where Is Your Attention Going?

My dear friend Temple Hayes reminds us to be focused on where we are going.  This is just over 2 minutes. You will  be happy you watched.

Remember your dreams are waiting on you to come true.

It takes as much energy to repeat old patterns that do not work as it does to do new things. We create habits and then our habits create us!!! Know your beliefs and create new ones so you may live your amazing life.

With Love
Temple Hayes

PS Be sure you comment and tell Temple how much you enjoyed your Time With Temple

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