Super Awareness Saturday…There Are No Coincidences

Pay Attention To The Messages You Are Intended To Receive

International Business Development and Real Estate Investment Coach. Founder Manifest Mastermind
International Business Development and Real Estate Investment Coach. Founder Manifest Mastermind

I have learned to pay very close attention to messages I am intended to receive as there are no coincidences .  This first became more prevalent for me when I started studying Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch. The jacket the three volume series had a quote from Book 1 that affirmed messages from God come from many source including ones we would normally not associate as being a source of messages from God.  For me there is always a two step process. First I read or hear something. Then I have a strong feeling to take action.  The key is then to take action.

Two Very Significant Recent Messages

Message 1

Several weeks ago I noticed a message from Anita Casalina on my Facebook news feed. That is not unusual except this time I had a strong feeling to call her. I have connected with Anita in the past. However we have not talked for quite some time. So I called her and we had a wonderful chat. I learned about new projects and an upcoming retreat in Hawaii. During that call I mentioned I have an number of questions and would she agree to a teleconference call where The Guides would help. I offered to share this idea and recording with all of my connections with the idea that would expand the group of people connected with her and her work.

Anita is a wonderful, beautiful lady and she expressed delight in this idea. A week later (yesterday which was Saturday) we did the call. It was awesome.  All anyone needs to do to receive this recording is be registered for the FREE Course – you can do it on this page or at the main site Manifest Mastermind.  There is an added bonus. The Guides were so engaged that we only covered about half the questions. Anita has agreed to do Part 2 in the near future so you will receive this recording as well.

When you listen to the recording I feel you will agree this is very valuable.  I know the content would support charging at least $97 for this series. However, Anita and I started our conversation with the idea of sharing ideas on these questions and more. We did not have a view towards monetizing this and we are not.

Here are the questions we addressed on this recording:

  1. Every spiritual thought leader I have ever studied advocates the power of meditation. Mind chatter is a challenge for me and many and meditation is what is most often referenced for quieting the mind. What is your guidance on meditation and some tips for meditating are most welcomed.
  2. Many talk of stress, fear, anxiety and at times find themselves in the negative states of anger, resentment and more.  One teaching on this is for example “before thought, no stress”.  So the difference is thought. How do we best know when an emotion serves us and when it doesn’t. When it doesn’t how do we most quickly move past that emotion.
  3. I love expanding my own understanding of my “authentic self”  Please help us understand more fully the idea of authentic self or the Divine Source Energy within us and how do we best be in the state of connection with our authentic self.
  4. Please clarify collective consciousness vs. the power of the authentic self.  Example come to mind to clarify this question are the  abhorrent event we hear about on the news including violation of human rights, mass killings, war and more. Alternatively because of technology there are more and more people like Anita as an example who are fantastic sources of unconditional love.  It seems like destructive collective consciousness has been a very big part of society for as long as we have records. What is the key to shifting life on this planet to the state of cooperation, peace, love and harmony?
  5. Being in the present is different from meditating. This means just that …our mind and focus is where we are at right now…not in events of the past or thoughts of the future. How do we become better at focusing on the moment while balancing that with what we intend to experience in the future? As Importantly, how do we avoid dwelling on experiences that are past?

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Message 2

About a month ago I was thinking about the major goals I had set out to manifest this year and realized I had moved off the path of  focusing on the great work of my dear friend Temple Hayes. Temple is the Senior Minister of First Unity of St. Petersburg, Fl.  She is the founder of Life Rights which is “the right of all to live their intentions in freedom and peace”. When she first told me that definition in 2008, I knew I was intended to help her. I have helped however there is a lot more possible so I suggested we set up a 3-4 hour meeting to regroup and set the near term strategy. We agreed the meeting would be yesterday (Saturday).

On Friday she called and said an event at Unity was in conflict with our meeting but that she wanted me to go with her to this event. I wasn’t excited about that idea for a number of reasons so I said I would get back to her. Later that day, I felt the message “go Steve” and I text her and set the time I would meet her Saturday morning.

The event “blew me away” It was all about a topic which I studied to some extent however wasn’t really focused on. Now I am and it deserved much more time and space than I have available right now.

In conclusion for now,  yesterday (Saturday) was a tremendous expansion for my awareness. I am sharing this with you starting today with the recording and then moving forward with additional recordings, articles and videos as well.

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One More Thing

One more thing – my signature section is next and I encourage you to spend time at this blog. Even though I publish this material I find tremendous peace and direction when I read this material. No matter what situation you find yourself in your life, there is material here to support you. If you want personal help, email me with your interest in my coaching program designed to help you achieve your all your dreams and desires.

May you find the wisdom you need in these pages and create the life of your dreams starting right now.

Steve Pohlit,
Manifest Mastermind
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Steve Pohlit

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