Stress….Aged Old Thinking

“There are no new stressful thoughts.” from Loving What Is by Byron Katie

International Business Development and Real Estate Investment Coach. Founder Manifest Mastermind
International Business Development and Real Estate Investment Coach. Founder Manifest Mastermind

When I first heard Katie say that, I stopped to really consider that statement. After all the first of the four great questions she teaches in the program called The Work is …Is It True? The second question is Can you absolutely know it’s true? So I began applying what she is saying in The Work.

Katie uses an example of a wife wishing her husband would work less and take better care of his health. Katie said this is a very common “wish and should” and she said it is a topic of stress that has been there for the ages. For me it makes sense that this thought has always been part of us. Then I started thinking about all the typical things that we stress about: money, love, safety, freedom, appreciation, acceptance, aging, death are the biggies. I concluded the thoughts we have that are the source of stress, anger, depression and more are the same ones of our ancestors and are the same ones most everyone have now. The situations may be different, but the negative emotions that result are the same.

Katie calls this process The Work. (She is known by her last name.) She says this is simple and it is. However,  clearing the mind of the the thoughts that cloud our world and block us from being our full potential is work. Byron Katie offers many resources for us to use at no charge. I am using them and studying her book Loving What Is Click Here For Resource To Start

When you start reading her resources you will likely appreciate just how much of our lives are stressed because of not accepting reality. Start observing your thought process and see how often you think “they should” “this should” “that shouldn’t”  Each time we do that we are not recognizing the truth of what is. When we do not recognize the truth we further develop a stressful mindset which causes negative emotions which blocks our potential.

Katie provides a lot more information and guidance on this topic. Spending time with her resources has been very valuable for me and you are likely to agree.

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May you find the wisdom you need in these pages and create the life of your dreams starting right now.

Steve Pohlit,
Manifest Mastermind
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