My Birthday Gift For You

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It started a couple days ago…and I am actually amazed at the people reaching out and sending wonderful energy  on the anniversary of when I chose to show up in this physical form. The best way I know to show my appreciation for all the blessings coming my way is to share the most significant lesson I learned in the past year and possibly this lifetime.  I am forever grateful to two people for this lesson….first my mom and  Neale Donald Walsch.

My mom transitioned a couple of months ago and when I realized that the time was near, I began to study the book by  Neale Donald Walsch  “Home With God”  The guidance in this book was transformational for me.  I knew I had the foundation for not fearing death and not only that I understood how to celebrate physical death while knowing the physical emotions we experience when we become aware of physical death are all on purpose.

As written in Home With God …when we are able to celebrate death we are able to live life without fear.  Living life without fear is my current mission and I have a lot of circumstances that test me.

Does living with no fear mean I intend on being  a reckless person? No! I respect life and I respect and practice what we know about good health and energy and more.  I continue to advance my skills with the goal of being able  to help others.  I work on forgiveness…forgiving myself for those times when I am not all that I  can be  for me or another.   I focus on being an example  of  Unconditional Love and releasing the frustration of knowing I have a great opportunity for demonstrating the  state of  Unconditional Love energy much more than I do at any given moment.

What I have learned this year the most is what I intellectually learned quite some time ago and that is Oneness. We are all of one Divine Energy Source.  This knowing is the basis for all the guidance in “Home With God” as well as other resources I continue to study. No matter what we read, see or experience that may be totally opposite of who we are and our value system, at the source is the same Divine Source Energy.  Understanding this is easy for me. Being that which I know is true is not as easy for me as I have a lifetime of thinking opposite of that.

Tony Robbins challenges us to ask the questions each day …the questions like

what makes us the most happy and what am I doing to show gratitude for that person or situation

how can I best make the most of this day?

what can I focus on that is positive, uplifting and meaningful for me?

what can I do to provide maximum value?

….and Tony offers many more ideas for question and advocates that our entire thought process is a series of questions with most of us focused on those questions that are not serving us.  The obvious solution is to focus on those question that do serve us and do result in us being in a very positive productive state.

My steps forward in awareness of what is important have been huge this year…thank you Mom , Neale Donald Walsch, Tony Robbins, Randy Gage, Catherine Ponder, Mike Dooley, Napoleon Hill and so many others who have guided me and continue to guide me.

My birthday wish is for you to expand your awareness.  There are no limits for what you can accomplish and my dreams are for you to break down the barriers to you unlimited potential and manifest all your dreams and desires.  I also ask you hold me in your prayers so that I too am able to dismiss all discord and experience all that is  possible and intended for me.

Sending you an Unconditional Love Hug

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