Expanded Awareness of Gratitude and Forgiveness

One year ago,  released a Thanksgiving video expressing gratitude to all and extending my wish for a Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating that holiday. Click Here for that brief video. While the message in that video  is timeless, my awareness of gratitude has expanded considerably since that time.

Experiences Completely Opposite of What I Intended To Attract Resulted In The Expansion of My Awareness of Gratitude and Forgiveness.

A year ago my mom was on the physical plane. Now she  is not.  Her transition was a message for me to really study death and I did. I have written about that and delivered key points at her funeral. Click Here for that video and text message. The audio is weak unless you have external speakers with a sound booster.  Since last year there are new challenges for me and one that is very serious. I know I am responsible for what I attract into my life.  Like many others I am not able to link any state of thinking or energy to the creation of situations opposite of what we prefer.

The events we experience that are opposite of what we intend to attract are the ones for me that result in going deeper into the study of Spirit, God, Divine Source Energy. The guidance is always there.  “Ask and you shall receive”!  Look at the recent articles I have published on this site just in the past two months. You will see a strong thread of guidance to help you understand just as that has helped me understand something I shared with my readers a long time ago and that is each one of us are individual manifestations of God. At the core of who we are is the same energy that created the Universe.  The best physical description of that energy is “Unconditional Love” I also enjoy the words God is peace, harmony, opulence and perfect experience.

I absolutely know there are no limitations to what we can do that is in alignment with our individual purpose for being here. I also know that I have been conditioned for a long time to think and act like most others including having near perfected most negative emotions which block my Inner Power and instead most of my conscious life I still defer to the outer power of my physical mind and world.

God worked through me to deliver an idea some time ago that still to this day summarizes our opportunity for joy, happiness and abundance. That idea was the energetic sharing of Unconditional Love.  I set up a website totally devoted to Unconditional Love and the Unconditional Love Hug. As I pause today this Thanksgiving Day to share with those in the United States a special Happy Thanksgiving, I share with all wherever you are an Unconditional Love Hug and the energy of gratitude for my continuing to expand  awareness of gratitude and forgiveness starting with myself  for creating anything opposite  of  Unconditional Love.

I also share with you the wisdom from one of my most treasured teachers Neale Donald Walsch Neale writes on his blog The Global Conversation

“In Conversations with God the message about gratitude is clear. It is the most powerful form of prayer. Gratitude inadvance, not gratitude after the fact.

This is because to thank God in advance for something is the highest form of faith. It is a statement of supreme confidence. It is the Ultimate Knowing.

When we come from this Place of Knowing, we move into an energy that creates miracles.

The most powerful prayer that I ever heard is only 17 words long:

Thank you, God,

for helping me

to understand

that this problem

has already been

solved for me.”

May you find the wisdom you need in these pages and create the life of your dreams starting right now.

Steve Pohlit,
Manifest Mastermind
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