What Are You Allowing Into Your Subconscious…. Your Soul

It is always recording and responding to what you allow in.  This is the foundation for Thoughts Become Things. Let’s look at today…I am aware of the major fluctuations in the stock market. I am aware of the major variations in the weather and reports of all sorts of problems. I am aware of reports of problems around the world. How am I aware.? I am online and I get headlines. Some of my clothes I have cared for by a local cleaner and my dear friends there tell me of locusts in Kansas and the worst drought since the Earth was created. They listen to all the news.

So I have an opportunity and so do you with each moment we experience in life. What is it that we need to pay attention to and what is that we acknowledge send love and dismiss.?

If you are a mom of an infant, your baby is going to tell you what to pay attention to. If you are intending to change your financial situation, you already know it is you who will attract the picture you want to create. If you would like to create a new physical image, you know what to do. It is in you.

Manifest Mastermind members receive a marvelous blueprint to follow with marvelous supporting guidance supporting that road map. Candidly, the reason there are not more success stories is most people do not develop the discipline to follow the road map they know is true. It is not that I say anything is true. Like you I am a conduit for messages. If  you agree with me then you will pay attention and if you don’t agree with me,  pay attention to what works for you.  At the end of the day you are responsible for what you let into your soul through your conscious awareness.

Napoleon Hill writes in Think and Grow Rich that unless you plant your desires in your subconscious then your subconscious will react to what it receives. What is the definite major purpose you are planting in your subconscious? Is that purpose in balance with your life goals in the areas of healthy, relationships, money?  What is  the level of your commitment to those desires? What habits are you changing to achieve them?

How do you think I know to ask these questions?

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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