Success Was Not Even An Idea When This Famous Author Restarted

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

From Rags To Riches

He was not born homeless. Quite the opposite picture actually. He was educated, found the love of his life, married and acquired many of the things that most people want. Then through a series of very bad decisions he lost it all and found himself homeless and  penniless.

However, unlike many others with similar experiences, he wondered the country in search of why he did what he did and what to do about it.  He found warmth in public libraries where he read voraciously.

In the subsequent fifteen years he became CEO of two very large successful companies and the best selling author of six famous self development books. His books are  considered must reads by sales and marketing people as well as anyone desiring to achieve a measure of success as defined by them.

Personally I love this author’s books who became the executive editor of  Success Unlimited. Og Mandino’s books The Greatest Secret, The Greatest Miracle and The Greatest Salesman are simply awesome….a word overused except in this case I would say awesome is an understatement.

I founded Manifest Mastermind because I wanted a road map for my own success. My goal was to synthecize the volumes of material that I was reading in studying my own life to determine why I behaved in ways the didn’t serve me or anyone.  Behaviors that resulted in me not achieving my peak potential.

It works. The more I put into practice the principles and formulas outlined in the Guidance Processes that are the foundation of Manifest Mastermind, the more success I have experienced. I have also continued to pursue the study of material I have not previously read including books by Og Mandino, W.Clement Stone, Napoleon Hill  and more. I have further refined my formulas including the most recent Guidance Process: The Top Five System.  I test The Top Five System every day with new material that I read (new for me) and it is rock solid. I personally use the Top 5 System every day because it keeps major laws and principles easily in focus.

If you are am member, you have access to The Top Five System. If you are not a member you can receive this Guidance Process once you are into your second month.

Action Steps

1. Order and read one book by Og Mandino. I download the Kindle version from Amazon and usually pay not more than $10 or $11 per book for instant access. I love that.
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Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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