Perfect Stupid

We know that all is perfect…yep…all.  At least those of us who know God is perfect, know all is perfect.  On this physical plane we call Earth, we have choices. That is because we arrive with free will.  As a reminder, don’t blame God for something you don’t prefer. You or collective consciousness manifest it.

So now we have had this brief reminder, let’s talk about Perfect Stupid.  Perfect Stupid is where we are feeling ..down…or what we label stressed because of what someone else is not doing, or doing or some situation we are experiencing we definitely don’t prefer.  One of these “I don’t prefer” situations falls in one of the three pillars of  relationships, money or health.

Perfect Stupid is where we completely understand that no matter how we feel about it we are not going to change what the other person is doing or not doing or the situation we are observing or experiencing.  Yet we go right on choosing to feel bad, down or stressed out.  That is Perfect Stupid.

Now how do you think I am able to be so clear about this?  So Stupid may be Perfect but it is still Stupid! Those feelings block our connection to inspiration and that is really Stupid because we know better! …Just Sayin!

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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