As soon as the word addiction is read, everyone reading has an image. The image may be of a person addicted to alcohol, some sort of drug legal or otherwise. But what about:

Watching TV for hours each day

Playing computer games hours on end

Spending 20-50% of your time on  watching  sports

Eating  too much  food and the food that is not healthy.

Think of your life and maybe you have a different addiction.

Wayne Allyn Root teaches positive addictions and attributes his extraordinary success to consistently taking action on his list of positive addictions. One of the best lessons I learned is to pay attention to what successful people do copy as much as possible. For me it is really fascinating to know another very successful person who follows the positive addiction formula. Dr. Nido Qubein, the President of High Point University developed his own positive addiction formula as a result of paying very close attention to the teachings of his mother. When you study successful people you will find all of them follow a positive addiction formula. That is not to say the formula is identical. However, all of them have a definite major purpose as detailed by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich

Wayne Allyn Root’s Positive Additions

Healthy food and nutritional supplements

Wayne reminds  us with the exception food and supplements none of the other positive addictions cost any money.

Makes sense sense to me.

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