There Are Just Two Masters…Which One Do You Serve?

When life events that are opposite of what I intend to create happen, my mind begins goes into the electronic memory archive and begins to furiously search for reasons why and solutions.  This can be pretty intense and result in all sorts of negative feelings which only fuel the process. Fortunately as a result of following what I suggest in articles at this site and in the Guidance Processes issued to members, I begin to visualize inspiration coming to me that restores balance and moving forward purpose.

Today I thought of a recording I have of a very special event that was held in 2008 for a private group. I was not there. However I received this recording as a gift from the event organizer in connection with a book release.  Very few people have this recording and  I would not be surprised if most who have it have forgotten it. I have not and while I do not have authorization to share it with you I can share a key point of guidance from that weekend seminar.

In summary, we either serve memory or inspiration.  Memory is the data bank of everything we carry with us including that which is in our DNA. Some of us know that this data bank goes way back in time to our prior lives which can be a huge number.  Most of us react, reflect and devote energy to sifting and sorting through this maze of memory and react based on our historical experiences.  There is an alternative which is to serve inspiration. This means we energetically clear memory and focus on inspired creation.

I have a group on Facebook named Deliberate Creation and a Facebook Page named Law of Attraction Action. This are based on my belief we can deliberately create our experiences as opposed to going through life and seeing what happens.  There is considerable attention paid to this in numerous publications including Deliberate Creation by Abraham Hicks and Conversations With God. The two masters of memory and inspiration are directly connected to the profound understanding for me that I Am Responsible.  I have written about that on numerous occasions.

How Can You Clear or Clean Memory?

What I use can be found at the site The Four Graces.

And Now You Know and So It Is!

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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