The Top 10 Watched YouTube Videos of All Time Does Not Include This One…Why Is That?

The video below of Napoleon Hill, most famous for being the author of  Think and Grow Rich includes a very powerful message for success. I noticed that  it has less than 26,000  views.  I then wondered what YouTube videos have the most views. The highest watched video as reported on the list of The Top 10 Watched YouTube Videos of all time (to date) is an entertainment video…a music video. There are  other music videos on the list plus videos of situations that a lot of people find funny or appalling. I am not sure which is one is more popular.

There Are No Formula to Happiness and Success in The Top 10 Most Watched YouTube Videos of All Time.

If you research the principles of happiness and success, you will find there is a consistent formula. This formula is the basis for the Manifest Mastermind Membership Program.  The program is a sequential guide to transformation as I have found for myself, simply understanding success and happiness principles is not enough. There is a way of having these become part of you.

We Become What What We Most Think About

That is certainly not new to you.  That being the case, could it be true that the situations we do not prefer in the world today do not seem to be improving because of what we have the focus of our thoughts?  The formulas are there for Universal Happiness and Success.  If you check the statistics of what it seems people are paying attention to it looks to me like as a society we really are not interested in much more than instant gratification.

Napoleon Hill Shares The Two Envelopes At Birth Solution Given To Him By Andrew Carnegie

It is never too late to choose….start today!

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