Happiness and Success: A Wonderful Formula From Og Mandino

Steve Pohlit
Build Success Mastery Coach and Consultant

Og Mandino is an amazing teacher. I encourage you to read his books. In the book The Greatest Miracle in The World, Og offers the following formula for happiness and success that I absolutely love and adore

B Count Your Blessings
R Proclaim Your Rarity
M Go the Extra Mile
C Use Wisely Your Power of Choice

There is one more part to the formula…do all with love for yourself, love others and love God

The first guidance step may be very familiar to you. I think every teacher I have studied advises on the important of having an attitude of gratitude. Og has an amazing way of helping us focus on what most of us take for granted. His statistics on how rare it is for anyone to show up here on earth enhanced my whole view of love and respect for another. There is so much more in this wonderful book that is actually not much more than a 100 pages.

So now you know I feel his book is amazing and I know he is right on with his formula for happiness and success. One Warning…once you are introduced to the writing of Og Mandino you are likely to want more of his books. You will be very glad to meet Og Mandino.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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