Let’s Talk About Love

Being on a spiritual journey is wonderful. Each day is an opportunity to discover a new phrase, idea, thought that helps us be in an energy state of happiness, joy, love, prosperity.  Whenever I begin my day by spending time with my marvelous resource books like Conversations With God,  The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, The I Am Discourses or one of many other resources I have invested in, I feel wonderful throughout the day.

Let’s Talk About Love

I am challenged by many experiences.  When I encounter significant obstacles or situations I don’t prefer,  I know all is perfect and remember to send  thoughts of “I Love You” to all situations and to those I connect with. The more I do this, the better I feel. The principle at the source of sending love  is the foundation for another site Unconditional Love Hug.

Let’s Talk About Love

Today I am thinking about all who have devoted much if not all of their lives in pursuit of understanding the nature of Beingness, The Creator, God, Spirit.  It recently occurred to me  that God would never intend for our awareness of Our Source to be complex or complicated.  To me that would be incongruent with the nature of God. That would be like a parent withholding essential nourishment from their child.

For me the simplicity of understanding God is amazing.  Yet this knowing has taken me all my life to this point to understand and appreciate. For me God is Unconditional Love and the more I focus on sending the energy of Unconditional Love to all, the more amazing experiences manifest for me….and they will for you as well.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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