Now Awareness – A Breakthrough In Achieving The State of No Limit.. No Doubt

Being in the present is a state where we are one with the experience of the moment. Eckardt Tolle wrote the book The Power of Now. Oprah Winfrey was so moved by his book that she broadcast an entire series with Eckardt on this topic.

Recently I was re-reading The Power of Now and I realized how true it is for me that our minds often (or always) are controlling our experiences. Our thoughts are mostly everywhere else except the present moment experience. Spiritual masters universally advise mediation to clear the mind in order to experience our Beingness some prefer to describe this as One with the God within us and all.

Steve Pohlit, Founder Manifest Mastermind, offers a practical guide on achieving no limits state
In Oneness there are no limits.

In today’s world it is challenging for many to find a secluded space and set aside time for mediation. Personally even when flying, my thought patterns are interrupted by announcements from the flight attendants, noise from other passengers and changes in the air patterns causing the plane to rock. Is there another alternative?

How To Achieve A State of Being In The Now..Being In The Present

First be reminded of why even thinking about being in the now is important. Quieting the mind is the way to be one with Being, Spirit, God. This Oneness connects our physical self with our Source. Our Source has no limits and when connected we allow this energy to work through us. Manifest Mastermind members receive in-depth guidance on releasing energy blocks plus much more. Personalized coaching accelerates this process as it brings heightened awareness with personal accountability.

A technique I have been testing personally and am now sharing with you is to imagine yourself in a room with your physical self in one part of the room (I use an imaginary divider) and your spiritual or energetic self in another part of the room.

More specifically allow your physical self to be the part of you controlled by your brain. The brain that is always thinking about what has happened in the past and what you are going to be doing next or into the future. This is also the brain that worries and is the trigger for all negative emotions.

In the other part of the room is your spiritual self. It is important to know that this means the energy that is connected with the moment as the part of you not connected to the moment is in the other part of the room. Plan your day and move to the brain side of the room when you are thinking about which roads to drive or what to buy at the grocery store. But then after you do your planning, move to the other side of the room and merge with the experience of the now.

I look forward to you sharing your experiences with this “Divide and Oneness Method” tm  of moving past limiting beliefs and manifesting your dreams and desires.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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