The phone call came in while I was asleep and I am thankful for that. The message was that my flight was cancelled. As a frequent flyer, that has happened in the past and I know the airline usually arranges a seat on the next available flight. However, on this day, this flight was for me to be able to spend most of the day with my daughter, who I had not seen since December.

About a month ago when I scheduled on site consulting with a client in Chicago, I realized I would have an opportunity to visit my daughter in route to returning to my home. Once those logistics were set, people close to me knew I was excited about being able to spend time with her.  The timing seemed perfect because she would have just finished mid-term exams and would be ready to have a nice dinner and a night out with dad.

The cancellation of the flight resulted in me looking at many alternatives and there were a couple that would have meant I would arrive only a few hours later than planned which would have been fine.  I was unable to get phone support that helped me, which is another story for my business blog. I even went to the airport for help and was not successful. Finally I realized that if the next flight out did fly I would arrive by mid evening which would leave a very short time for a visit.

My daughter began suggesting we plan on another weekend and that began to make the most sense. Ultimately I was able to get a flight back to my home city Tampa, Florida.

I give you that background so you can appreciate that like anyone else I experienced a number of emotions with this situation.  As I navigated through them, my dominant thought was “do the best you can and all will work out in perfect order.”

In the past (prior to 2005) I would have carried this event around and associated emotions of anger, resentment and more for quite some time.  I don’t feel good about what happened. I have released this event and I am now focusing on when we can schedule another visit.  This time it will be even longer than originally planned this time.  I know that my relationship with her is strong and I have been able to help her with her mindset with different professional and personal experiences.

I am grateful for being experienced with the Laws of The Universe which help me in circumstances that go opposite of what I prefer. I encourage you to devote time everyday to core Laws that will guide you in all circumstances experienced.

I am also especially grateful today to Preston Ely for bringing this video to my attention that I now share with you.

Do you need help with adopting the life of being in the state of Unconditional Love?  Call on Jesus to help you. His life demonstrated mastery of Unconditional Love.  He is ready to help….just ask.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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