The Japanese Earthquake,Tsunami, Nuclear Reactor Meltdown Threat: Three Important Steps

Three Important Steps Now

Compassion: all are encouraged to send the energy of love, peace, health,  strength and images of no more damage to so many affected by the earthquake and Tsunami.  All are encouraged to send energy images of peaceful resolution of the nuclear meltdown threat  and possibility of radiation exposure.

Support: this is the time for people of all nations to come together as fast as possible with basic necessities then support in rebuilding.

Spiritual Awareness: Why the earth reacted with an earthquake and tsunami is not known.  Why it happened in Japan is not known.  Why there was a violent reaction by our planet is generally known.

The Universe responds to what we send out.  This is the Law of Attraction. Our world is full of leaders maneuvering for human power over many. There are wars, acts of terrorism and many other actions by all of us opposite  Unconditional Love.  There comes a point when the Universe corrects for the energy it is receiving opposite of Unconditional  Love.  The earthquake and tsunami was a correction.  The economic meltdown starting in 2008 was a correction. The lost continents in the history of the earth were a correction.

We seem to forget the Law of Cause and Effect.  The crisis in Japan will pass.  However, there will be other traumatic events as long as there is powerful energy  being sent that is opposite Unconditional Love.

The Life Rights mantra by Temple Hayes provides great practical guidance.. the right of all to live their intentions in freedom and peace. The faster all of us adopt the belief and knowing we are all One and treat each other that way, the faster we will experience sustainable peace, calm and unbelievable prosperity by all people of all nations.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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