Oneness, Forgiveness….Do You Walk The Talk?

My awareness and knowing of Oneness leads me to the conclusion there is no need for forgiveness. I don’t need to regret or remorse …  nor do I need to judge someone else’s actions as needing forgiveness.

Having said that I feel we are intended to learn from our experiences. So if an action or behavior causes harm or distress to another then we are intended to know that and avoid repeated behavior. Do we?  My observations say we don’t.  It is time to start…do it now!

Oneness means we don’t own anything…. we are caretakers.  Caretaker means we nurture things we call our home, our nation, our environment. The use of the word our is fine..just know we own nothing.

Oneness means we don’t move for power…those who have the skills use their talents to lead and make sure those who choose to be here for service are rewarded by our Universe.

Oneness means we recognize that the highest value is in guiding our children and we reward those who guide children very well an place the reward system for entertainment in balance.  This is a huge shift from where we are at today…and one that we must take. That shift is met with peace and harmony… a picture don’t you think.

Do I walk the talk?  I have a lot of room to grow.  Grow starts with awareness…now you know.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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