Joe Vitale, Randy Gage, Catherine Ponder, Temple Hayes, Manifest Mastermind

I was reading Catherine’s latest newsletter and it just brought me to a point where I knew I wanted to share with you the Prosperity Principle.

Many think of money when they hear the word Prosperity. It  is way beyond that.  Prosperity applies to all areas of your life. I will comment more on than in my next article. For now honor Joe Vitale, Randy Gage, Catherine Ponder and Temple Hayes for the foundation guidance that led me to expanded awareness and the creation of  Manifest Mastermind. The order that I listed their names is the order in which enlightenment began to flow for me.

There are a lot more credits due and a lot more coming that I have not met. However, it is a cool timeline and connection for me starting with Joe and actually an email from Joe.  Then Randy who who was in Joe’s book,  led me to Catherine who led me to Temple and we go on from there. I love reflecting on all of that.

Joe, Randy , Catherine don’t know me. Temple does know me and she is a great spiritual leader and dear friend. Connect with Temple Here as I work with her to build the awareness of The Right of All To Live Their Intentions In Freedom and Peace.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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