From Good To Amazing by Temple Hayes

Inspirational…Motivational…Provocative…and much more

Temple Hayes is a high energy leader combining her softball, military and live experiences with her deep awareness of Universal Principles. She is the  CEO of one of the largest communities in the Unity Organization. Her passion is  “the right of all life to live their intentions in freedom and peace”.

Temple is expanding her reach.  She has a great program on Unity FM in alignment with her vision for all which is to move our life experiences from “Good To Amazing”

Action Step1: Register for Temple’s newsletter Click Here – the registration is a bit hidden on the right for for now. You will receive her latest reminders on what is upcoming on the Unity FM plus much more….how do I know what you will be getting?  Let’s just say I know.

Action Step 2. Bookmark Unity FM for Good To Amazing for Temple Hayes every Monday at 5PM EST

Please Note: All of Temple’s show are recorded and mp3’s are available at no charge for your convenience at Unity Fm Click Here Now


Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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