Very Important Questions About Thought

How Important Is It For Us To Be Consciously Aware Of Our Thoughts All The Time?

It is essential!

How Can We Tell What We Are Creating?

How we feel is how we can tell.  Abraham through Esther Hicks tells us feeling good is how we know we are creating what we intend to manifest. Thoughts become things is well known by now yet ignored as a daily practice.

What Do The Four Elements Have To Do With This?

Universal Substance responds to every every thought. What we send out comes back to us as everything in the Universe is based on circular energy.

Is there a lot of negative emotions being sent out?

Do you think the four elements responding in a destructive manner anywhere in the Universe is a coincidence?

Do you think destructive human (mostly made of the element of water) behavior is a coincidence?

Can you imagine becoming consciously aware of what we are creating without working at it since for whatever reason all of us have limited beliefs and consistently give power to conditions outside of ourselves?

I founded Manifest Mastermind to share with anyone who is interested how I am working with this.

Is it working for me?

All the time!

How well is it working for me?

I am experiencing the result of what I focus on and continually improving my conscious awareness of creating what is good for me.  When I am consciously focused on what I am capable of creating, I feel wonderful.  When I drift into habitual limited thinking I don’t feel wonderful. I am responsible and so are you.

Join me in a renewed commitment to manifesting whatever it is you are dreaming you want to experience. Click Here to start now.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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