It Is Time To Experience The Life of Your Dreams! Announcing Law of Attraction Coaching by The Founder of Manifest Mastermind.

Experience The Life of Your Dreams Being Guided by The Law of Attraction Coaching Program.

Led by Steve Pohlit, Founder of Manifest Mastermind

The lives of  10 people who  join this program will change in yet unknown amazing ways. When they  follow the guidance there are no limits. 10 is the number I can seriously help with my current schedule.  These 10  will receive amazing attention and resources in return for their commitment to manifesting their dreams. These 10 are receive a very favorable offer in gratitude for being members of the first group.

Register Your Position Now!!

I am just beginning to test the idea of this coaching and initially I announced this would be a group coaching program.  Now I am revising that and offering one on one coaching.  At this point, once there are 10 students,  the doors will be closed until there is an opening. Take action now if you are  interested. Visit the How Do I Get In Section below to get started.

Your Coach?

Steve Pohlit, founder of Manifest Mastermind  will be your guide and facilitator.  Since January 7, 2009 I have been working with people  primarily using articles published on the Manifest Mastermind Blog  and detailed reports named Guidance Processes published to Manifest Mastermind members.

During most of that time,I have also  been coaching people to who are now achieving great success in business. Their success is due in part to the  integration of  prosperity laws and principles in their business coaching program.

I  am seeing the  results of a focused program to achieving financial prosperity. Law of Attraction coaching is repositioning business coaching for those wanting to accelerate the realization of their dreams in all areas of their life….health, relationships, money. The  Law of Attraction Coaching Program  is now being offered at a investment that is very economical in comparison to most business coaching primarily since a small group coaching environment is the format.


Participants will be encouraged to form a mastermind outside of the coaching program.  The Law of Attraction Coaching Program will be a great opportunity to connect with like minded people for further accelerating your progress.  You will receive guidance on how to maximize the results of a mastermind group. Those who take the action to join a mastermind at no cost will further accelerate the life experiences they intend to create.  The success factor in any mastermind is a group of like minded people. All who join The Law of Attraction Coaching Program are like minded.

What Is The Benefit?

I will coach you on taking specific, proven action that will accelerate your experiencing  what you want to create in your life.. You will decide to do the work or not. If you follow the guidance your life will change  in amazing ways.

What Is The Cost?

$297 per month for three months then $97 per month. You will receive 3 sessions each of the first three months then 1 session a month beginning in month 4. (See How You Can Save $300 and $30 per month below.)  There are no upsells or bonuses . There are no long sales pages. You either know about The Law of Attraction or you don’t.  I want to work with 10 people who know and who have been following/studying the articles at Manifest Mastermind Blog,  The FREE Course,  Manifest Mastermind Members,  Several Law of Attraction Groups on Facebook including Deliberate Creation and Money and The Law of Attraction and  other Law of Attraction Resources

Money Back Guarantee!!

If you follow the guidance and do the assignments and then feel after the second call that this program is not what you expected, I will refund your entire initial investment.  There will be no refunds after the first month. However, you have no obligation to continue the program should you decide the timing is not right for you.

VIP Special for  Manifest Mastermind Members!

The members of Manifest Mastermind are very special. In fact in selecting the 10 participants in the coaching program,  the members of Manifest Mastermind  have priority. Their priority is determined by the length they have been a member. Manifest Mastermind Members receive a $100 per month discount and their continuity is $67 not $97.

Check This Out: If you join the Manifest Mastermind Membership Program using our $1 30 day free trial program, you are then eligible to join the coaching program for only $197 per month. Plus Manifest Mastermind members continuing with The Law of Attraction Coaching at $67 per month receive their membership benefits at no additional charge.  Non-members will pay $97 per month for the coaching alone while Manifest Mastermind members will invest $67 for both The Law of Attraction Coaching and Manifest Mastermind Membership.

What Can I Expect Following The First Three Month of One on One Coaching and One Group Coaching Call A Month?

One 1 on 1 call  a month with a continuation on mastermind and accountability for completing assignments.

How Will My Life Change

I will guide you on how to manifest whatever you want. You will decide whether this remains a distant dream or  reality in the making for you.

If I Want A New New Car In The Garage and Financial Independence, Will You Teach Me How To Do That?


If I Want A Marvelous Personal Relationship Will You Teach Me How To Do That ?


If I Want Improved Health and Vitality Will You Teach Me How To Do That?


So Based On  Your Experience You Know That You Can Teach Me How To Manifest My Dreams?


Give Me An Example

Every person is different.  Join the program and re-read the 100%   money back guarantee.

How Is Your Coaching Different?

I have many  experiences  being coached by other professionals who are Life Coaches, Self Improvement Coaches and those experienced in various very special techniques.  While loving these special people very dearly, I have experiences that most of them don’t.  My background is business and in the recent past couple of years I have been fine tuning a guidance system that is working extremely well for business owners and managers.  I realized this guidance system resulted from the Guidance Processes I develop and share with members of Manifest Mastermind.  The coaching program that I am offering for 10 people  will combine amazing spiritual and practical experiences that quite honestly very few people if any have.

Where Are The Testimonials, Videos and Bonuses.

I am not selling!  I am inviting!. “Many Are Called…Few Hear…Fewer Yet Take Action”  Those who hear and those who act do so not because of me it is because they understand the time for them is now.  You just know.

Are There Any Free Memberships or Special Discounts

Yes I am inviting  two people  who I know personally to join this group at no cost.

How Do I Get In?

There is no sales page or order form. Simply send $297 ( or $197 if you are a Manifest Mastermind Member)  to my Pay Pal address   The terms and conditions are in this article.  I will confirm you are accepted or return your money. When  I have 10 people registered the registration is closed.

You know why you received this information and you know whether the time is right or not. If it is, I look forward to working with you.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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