Do We Really Want Happiness?

Think of the people you know including yourself.  Now think about the main topics that are addressed in thought and conversation.  All of  us know someone who seems to only talk about their latest health, relationship or financial issue.

We know we attract what we focus on.  So why is it that we focus on that which we seemingly least prefer?

There are many reasons including that is one way we get people to pay attention to us.  What is more important is that like anything else to break the pattern of focusing on what we don’t prefer,

1. Acknowledge it
2. Commit to moving into a pattern of focusing on what we desire to experience
3. Take steps to remind ourselves every hour or even more often if necessary of where we want our attention to be.

Now in that simple three step action plan, there is work. As soon as anything involves work, most people will not do it and choose to stay in the word of complaining.

Remember this ” I Am Responsible”  Look in the mirror when saying that.

Take Action – Do Something For Yourself Right Now!!

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