James Twyman Writes A Timeless Christmas Message

Christmas is a time when millions of people around the world celebrate an historic event that occurred just over two thousand years ago. As important as the birth of Jesus was, I think the real message is that the same consciousness can be born through you right now. Christmas isn’t just about something that happened in the past, but a profound event that’s occurring RIGHT NOW.

The other thing that’s important to remember about birth (something that every woman that has ever had a baby realizes) is that there is no stopping it when the time has come. Two thousand years ago there was no stopping the Christ child from coming into this world. Likewise, there is no stopping it from coming into the world right now through you and everyone else who has also come full term. You can feel the labor, the pressure and even the pain associated with birthing a new world. You can also feel the joy and the passion that comes from a deep knowledge that you are exactly where you need to be, and that you are ready for whatever comes your way. Let this Christmas be special by realizing your unique role in this new birth. Honor what was, but also rejoice in what is happening right now – through YOU!

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful and blessed 2011.

I also wanted you to know about a very special group I started two years ago for everyone passionate about the life and message of Saint Francis of Assisi. The World Community of Saint Francis is a dedicated group of souls who seek to live out Franciscan spirituality in a very new way. I hope you’ll read the information below and if you feel guided, join us for our next class.

In Peace,
James Twyman


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Steve Pohlit
Manifest Mastermind

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