There is a huge difference between making a commitment and a resolution.  Each moment we have is precious. When we look at what is possible for us individually and collectively, we have an opportunity to make a commitment to be that which we have decided is most important….one step at a time.

Today decide what is one most important opportunity in the areas of your health, relationships and financial prosperity.  Then  make the commitment.  Renew the commitment as often as you need to throughout the day and everyday until you manifest that which you are imaging. Once done, set a new priority.

When working with Manifest Mastermind Members, it is common to hear I don’t know what I want or I want ………….. and in examining that want, we find that is not true.  The Guidance Processes new members receive in the first month are a roadmap for becoming passionate about what is possible and manifesting dreams.  You are welcome to test this for yourself.  Our $1.00 30 day trial makes this easy.  Click Here

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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