A Transformational Guidance Process Being Released Christmas Eve

It’s called The Law of Attraction because it works whether we believe in it or not. Laws are like that.  Believing in this Law does not mean we know how to use it to manifest our dreams.  Manifest Mastermind is founded on the mission of sharing with you the roadmap for manifesting your dreams based on the wisdom of The Law of Attraction.

Members of Manifest Mastermind receive Guidance Processes that are more in-depth with information and actions intended to help them manifest their dreams and desires.  These are issued in sequence so the longer a person is a member the more tools they have.

Active Manifest Mastermind Members First

I am committed to providing increasing value to existing members while continually encouraging those who follow the blog, free course and messages on social media sites to test Manifest Mastermind Membership.  The special  value program for members begins with the celebration of the two year anniversary of Manifest Mastermind on January 7th,  2011.  There is another guidance process ready to be released to all members then plus other surprises.


All Guidance Processes are inspired which is why some have been developed in shorter time lines than others.  Before I proceed please understand all thought is inspired  and part of what I do is share with members what I find working for myself.  I am lead to solutions and I am happy to share these with the members.

Several months ago I drafted a Guidance Process  that I shared with a couple close friends. The response was over the top and it was suggested that I sell it as a separate product. I haven’t and was waiting for a clear feeling about this.  Now it is clear to me. This Guidance Process will be released on Christmas Eve.  Christmas Eve for me is East Coast US time.

This Transformational Guidance Process will be Immediately Available to Everyone Who is a Member.

Membership is only $1.00 for the  first 30days.  For $1.00 you will receive this amazing transformational Guidance Process plus additional guidance processes that are part of everyone’s first month’s membership.  Click Here Now

Give Yourself This Gift

This is the Christmas season and I want everyone to experience the power of Manifest Mastermind Membership.  If for any reason you want to stop in the first 30 days I will even refund you the $1.00. I have never offered to refund the $1.00.  Join now and begin working with this Transformational Guidance Process immediately. You can manifest your dreams and desires. Personally every day I see the results of The Law of Attraction in Action which is the foundation of the Manifest Mastermind program including this blog, the Free Course, the site Unconditional Love Hug and much more.

It’s Your Choice

If you believe you can or you believe you can’t ….you are right. If you believe you can then Click Here to join for 30 days  now for $1.00 and work with the Guidance Processes you will receive including the Transformational Guidance Process to be released Christmas Eve.

Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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