A Sunday Greeting From My Friend Ash Silva Plus Video Links That Will Lift and Inspire

Hope you’re enjoying a peaceful and pleasant Sunday Steve ?

As I enjoyed spending time and laughing with my kids this weekend, I was reminded that this can be a lonely time for some of us too.

During last week I remember that the subway service was interrupted on two separate days because someone may have jumped infront of a train . . . and while some people walked about disgruntled at being inconvenienced, I wonder what pain was going through the minds of those two individuals to cause them to take such drastic action.

I dont know what about this beautiful time of year, causes such joy in some and pain in others, or why exactly most heart attacks happen on Monday morning, or what causes the Sunday night blues? . . . But I do know that if you’re not feeling 100% ( unless you’re in excruciating physical pain and dying ) this too shall pass .. and if you’re willing to stay ‘awake’ through the pain, theres actually tremendous learning on the other side of it.

And surely as night become day and, without rain there’s no rainbow to follow, theres laughter on the other side of pain and lots of learning and growth as a because of it.

My personal situation right now involves my younger brother who is at CAMH, the main mental institution here in downtown Toronto. As I visited him last week, I was also present to the many others in there who forgotten, get no visitors. Just as there’s a fine line between pain and pleasure, I wonder if the line is just as fine between sanity and the insane.

Hey every now and then we all need a hand up so I thought I’d share a few inspirational pieces that have touched me below .. click on the links if you want to catch some fire … LIFE FIRE 🙂 ) )

..and if you are already on fire .. and ready to take on the world then share that spirit with someone else today, either by forwarding them this email .. or calling them to reach our personally . . . you just dont know if you will be touching someone just when they need you most.

I know who I’m calling right now

Enjoy your Sunday Steve


The Don’t Quit Poem by my friend Anthony Fernando in Australia

For Animal lovers – The xebra didn’t give up 🙂

For Sports lovers – Derek Redmond – perseverence

You want something – GO GET IT!!   Will Smith in Pursuit of Happiness

Our deepest fear in Life – This may surprise you?

For Rocky fans – One of my favourite pieces on  P U R E  H E A R T

Now share these forward with someone else

Ash Silva

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Sending you an  Unconditional Love Hug

Steve Pohlit

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